It was reported over the weekend that Awesome Kong, otherwise known as Amazing Kong, or Kharma in WWE, had retired from pro wrestling. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and Kong is still open to wrestling.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, Kia Stevens has wrestled her last match as Amazing Kong in Japan, but she hasn’t necessarily retired 100% from pro wrestling. She’s still got the potential to continue her run in TNA, join any number of United States promotion, which includes bringing back Kharma in WWE.


Steven’s retirement was reported from after a doctor’s concerns about her health made her retire from the industry.

The new reports have sources close to Stevens that are reporting that her contract with TNA officially ends in January. It’s possible that she will officially retire after her contract expires and the report over the weekend was a preemptive news report.

As of this writing, Kong’s long-term plans have not been revealed. If she does intend to retire after her TNA contract is up, it was a great career for her, and she went out on her own terms. However, it’s very likely that the report of her health being in question after so many years of wrestling is accurate.

Kong may be on her way out of the business officially very soon. After this weekend, it’s likely she’ll make a far more official statement.


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