UFC's Former Head of Public Relations On Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE

Finishing maneuvers are arguably a wrestler’s best move. It’s the essentially move that not only is expected to finish matches, but it’s often associated with that performer in wrestling history. If someone hits a Stunner, the first thing you think of is Stone Cold Steve Austin. The finisher becomes a trademark of that wrestler forever.

Everyone has a finishing move. Some are awesome, while others are poor. Judging the best finishers depends on more than just liking the wrestler. The finisher is likely a huge part of that, but that judgment comes from the history of the move, how it’s performed, how it looks, how unpredictable it is and how devastating it is.

This list is constantly changing. But here is 2015, these are the 10 best finishing maneuvers in WWE:

10. Pedigree – Seth Rollins



As far as finishing maneuvers go, few are as devastating as The Pedigree. It’s not as good for the Seth Rollins as The Curb Stomp, but it’s a great rub from Triple H to Rollins for him to use it. Rollins isn’t as powerful, or brutal a wrestler as The Game was, so his Pedigree is quite different.

Rollins’ wrestling is focused on grace and beauty. As historic as The Pedigree is to WWE, Rollins is bringing it to a new generation. A finishing maneuver that is designed to drive a man to the mat face first is believable to finish off an opponent. Rollins sells it well, and The Pedigree is just as dangerous in his hands.


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