Even by the rumors, which can be misleading sometimes, it’s questionable why Sasha Banks is off WWE programming right now.

According to the rumors, she was taken off of WWE television because the powers that be had “long-term storyline plans for her.

Then, it was revealed that she had suffered a concussion, but has now been cleared of that injury, so it’s curious why Banks isn’t wrestling someone on WWE television going into “Money in the Bank” this Sunday.

It’s understandable why The Boss would be unhappy with her position in WWE at the moment, but that’s not the only thing she has taken issue with lately.

Recently, Banks took to Tumblr to discuss her issues with WWE’s booking of the Women’s division after Wrestlemania 32 a few months ago. You can read the full post right here or below:


Sasha is preaching to the choir about the lack of direction in WWE’s Women’s division recently. It’s not that the product has become bad, but she’s definitely right that it feels different than it did going into Wrestlemania.

It does seem like WWE has taken their foot off the pedal to hold off on another big moment for the women’s division until “Summerslam” or maybe even after that.


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