The power struggle inside the McMahon family is coming to a head as the upcoming WWE Draft and brand split are approaching by the second. The breakdown of the Shane and Stephanie McMahon alliance has begun.

There is no question that Shane will take either Raw or SmackDown and Stephanie will take the other brand to form a separation within WWE based on the McMahon children. That’s the natural way for the story to go.

It’s expected that Triple H will return to WWE programming for some kind of a feud and a match with Shane O’Mac sooner or later, but the idea of Stephanie McMahon getting back into the ring hasn’t been brought up before.

According to a report from, Stephanie recently did a Q&A interview on Facebook and the topic of her returning to the ring came up.

She responded that it’s “up to the decision maker” and that the ultimate goal of her character is to help others get over, so if getting back into the ring does that for someone, we could see her in the ring again someday.

Who do you want to be her opponent in Stephanie’s next match in WWE?


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