The Women’s Tag Team Titles have been rumored for months now. Almost immediately after ‘Evolution’ was announced, the WWE Universe began to speculate that Women’s Tag Team Titles would be announced. Most people are expecting them to be debuted at the event this weekend, but nothing has been confirmed.

The fact is with one title on each brand for the women’s division, it leaves everyone on the roster except 4 or 5 performers floating around in the midcard. This is something Sasha Banks explained during an interview with Conversations with Maria Menounos.

Here’s what The Boss said about WWE bringing back the Women’s Tag Team Titles:

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“I love both, but for me, if I’m not in the title picture then I’m not really doing anything. I’m not really focused. So I feel for- in the meantime, there has to be that kind of second Championship to fight after so people get behind you and know the importance of winning a match. You know? You want to win to get to that next step of being a Champion.”

Sasha Banks has made history as a part of the women’s revolution:

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“Being a Champion means you’re the best. For me, Ronda has it, but I still know that I’m better than Ronda Rousey. So if she has that right now, then I need to be a Tag Team Champion right now with Bayley, so I hope in the future that it does happen because I think we have so many great teams right now.

“We have The IIconics, Mickie [James] & [Alicia] Fox, we have Absolution… There’s just so many teams and you know, we have tag team matches on RAW every single week without titles, so why not make tag titles to fight for?”

Do you believe the Women’s Tag Team Title would help the division?



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