205 Live
Date: October 24, 2018
Location: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey
Commentators; Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

We have another big one this week with Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami in a Falls Count Anywhere match. These two have been feuding for a long time now and that means we get to see Ali going insane and selling like he’s on the verge of death for one of the best performances you’ll get on the show. Other than that….I’m not sure it really matters all that much. Let get to it.

The opening video looks at the history of Ali vs. Itami, including Itami putting him on the shelf for a few weeks.

Opening sequence.

Lince Dorado vs. Mike Kanellis

Maria and the rest of the Lucha House Party are here too. Dorado wastes no time in knocking him into the corner and scores with a headscissors. Mike chills in the corner for a bit where Maria offers some advice. It seems to work as Kanellis pounds away in the corner and we see TJP watching from the back. Dorado sends him to the floor but the screeching Maria offers a distraction so Mike can punch him in the face.

A running clothesline in the corner keeps Dorado in trouble and we hit the chinlock. Mike switches it up by cranking on both arms with a boot in the back as the camera keeps looking at Maria. A knee to the back sets up more arm cranking but Dorado comes back with a hurricanrana. That just earns him a superkick and Maria is somehow even more cocky. Dorado gets up and hits a few clotheslines, followed by a flip into a kick to the back of the head.

A top rope hurricanrana gets two and Maria is losing it in a hurry. Dorado can’t get him up for a slam so he settles for an enziguri. It’s too early for the shooting star though and Kanellis gets two off a spinebuster. The Golden Rewind gets Dorado out of trouble and there’s a slingshot dive to the floor. Now the shooting star connects for two as Kanellis gets a foot on the ropes. Kanellis heads outside to beat up Kalisto and Gran Metalik but the distraction, followed by sending Dorado’s head into the ropes. Kanellis grabs a swinging neckbreaker for the pin at 11:32.

Result: Mike Kanellis b.Lince Dorado – Swinging neckbreaker (11:32)

Lince Dorado vs. Mike Kanellis: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 24, 2018

Drake Maverick thanks the fans for the first 100 episodes. Tonight’s main event showcases some of the best stars of the show’s first two years but we need to start on the next 100 shows. That’s why next week, we’ll have a #1 contenders match to find Buddy Murphy’s first challenger.

Brian Kendrick promises to show Jack Gallagher no mercy next week.

We look back at Tony Nese winning last week’s five way match.

Lio Rush says he didn’t lose last week because you win a match like that by luck. If Nese wants to show that he’s better, he can face him next week on his own.

Murphy isn’t worried about whoever he faces. Nese says it doesn’t matter which of them is Cruiserweight Champion because it’s a new era on 205 Live.

Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali

Falls Count Anywhere. Itami starts with the strikes and then kicks him out to the floor. That means a RESPECT ME but Ali comes back in with a running hurricanrana. A slingshot dive to the floor gives Itami two and an angry looking Itami takes him back inside. Itami breaks up a springboard with a kick to the ribs, dropping Ali face first onto the apron for a really painful looking crash. Itami sends him into the barricade and gets two off a kick to the back.

The kickout gets another RESPECT ME and we hit the chinlock. Ali is right back with kicks of his own, including a superkick but Itami kicks him right back down for a layoff. The rolling X Factor gives Ali two more and Itami heads outside. Ali follows him though and gets backdropped over the barricade.

Ali pops back up and dives off the barricade and knocks Itami over the announcers’ table. Itami grabs a half crab on the table but switches to throwing Ali off the table for a crash instead. It’s time to go into the crowd with Ali superkicking him down for two. That’s enough time over the barricade so Itami takes him back to ringside for a whip into the steps. A clothesline turns Ali inside out on the ramp for two more and it’s time to stack up the steps on the floor.

Itami tries a superplex onto them but Ali knocks him onto the steps with Itami landing on his feet. That means a high crossbody for two on the floor and they’re both down again. Since one is required, Ali pulls out a table but gets kicked in the face and thrown around ringside. A trip sends Ali into the steps again as he can’t get any sustained momentum.

Itami can’t crush Ali under another set of steps as Ali moves at the last second. With one set of steps bridged against the other, Ali gets a running charge and springboards off with a tornado DDT on the floor. Ali is done with this and puts Itami on the table on the floor (Ali: “I don’t respect you!”) for a 450 for the pin at 15:21.

Result: Mustafa Ali b. Hideo Itami – 450 through a table (15:21)

Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami - Falls Count Anywhere Match: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 24, 2018

Drake makes Ali vs. Nese for the #1 contendership next week to end the show.

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