So they’re not quite done? Earlier this summer, Matt Hardy announced that his in-ring career was over due to a variety of injuries that he had piled up over the years. The announcement marked the end of a nearly thirty year in-ring career but started up discussions of a variety of non-wrestling work, including a House Hardy scripted series. Well, that might be jumping the gun just a bit.

In a new interview with Mexico’s Cultura Colectiva, Hardy suggested that he will be returning to the ring with his brother Jeff for some matches on a tour of Mexico in December. While the match isn’t set to take place, he mentioned petitioning WWE for a match teaming with Jeff while on the tour. Hardy also mentioned that the Woken Hardy character will continue, at least on the WWE Network. Here are some highlights, with transcription courtesy of

On The Upcoming Tour (Note that this interview took place before this week’s Monday Night Raw

“It’s going to be earth-shattering! It’s the only live event we’re doing all year and all the top stars of both brands will be there: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey, AJ Styles, me, my brother—everybody! I’m in fact gonna petition to have a Hardy Boys tag-team match even though we’re on different brands. I’m excited for this, man.”

On The House Hardy Halloween Special

“Yes, on the WWE Network there’s gonna be a regular series featuring Woken/Broken Matt Hardy and my family, which will be entitled House Hardy—the first episode is going to air right around Halloween,” Hardy said. “It’s going to be incredibly entertaining! I’m looking forward to that. On the other hand, when I come back to WWE TV, my role is going to be altered a little bit (it won’t be 100% Broken/Woken Hardy.) So, I get to have the best of both worlds.”

And On The Future Of Woken Hardy

“It’s not 100% decided what I’ll end up doing once I return to WWE TV, that hasn’t been finalized yet. But I’m pretty sure we’ll take a tangent from the Woken/Broken Matt Hardy persona,” Hardy said. “That persona will definitely live on at the Network, and it might come back out on TV. I feel like when I return to WWE TV it’s gonna be—have you ever seen The Incredible Hulk when Bruce Banner got angry and turned into this green monster?—well, I feel you’re gonna have Matt Hardy and then there’ll be something that causes Matt Hardy to transform into Woken or Broken Matt Hardy.”

Can’t you see him doing this again?

Jeff Hardy comes face-to-face with "Woken" Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt: Raw, April 9, 2018

Opinion: At this point, I can’t imagine Hardy doing a full time in-ring schedule anymore. At age forty four, you can only put your body through so much. That seems to be the case with Hardy, who has suffered a variety of injuries lately. However, it makes a lot of sense to have him do things with WWE as he is a very creative person and someone who could add a lot to the company in a different capacity.

Do you want to see Hardy return to the ring? Should he be regular or Woken? Let us know in the comments below.

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