At this time last year, “Rusev Day” was the hottest thing going on WWE television. The random teaming of Aiden English and Rusev resulted in something organic with the WWE Universe. The momentum of the gimmick lasted through WrestleMania season and into the summer. However, WWE officials never did anything big with the duo and their momentum is dwindling away a year later.

The team is also disbanded after English’s heel turn and it seems their rivalry will end sooner rather than later. However, it’s fair to say that everyone’s stock has improved a great deal due to the “Rusev Day” run, including Lana. The biggest question is what to expect from English and Rusev after the end of their rivalry.

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According to the Wrestling Observer, there are no tentative plans for either performer once the conflict is over and neither man is expected to receive a significant push. Dave Meltzer believes that Aiden will be buried once his association with Rusev ends. There’s no doubt WWE could figure out something for them, but there’s nothing on the books.

It’s fair to say that “Rusev Day” was wasted and a lot of fans are still advocating for The Bulgarian Brute to enter the WWE Title picture. He had one match, but he didn’t have a realistic chance of taking the title off Styles a few months ago. an an an 

Rusev & Lana foil Aiden English's screening of "One Night In Milwaukee": SmackDown LIVE, Oct 9, 2018

WWE had the chance to have a great rivalry with Aiden English and Rusev against The New Day. That could have been a ton of fun, but it’s clear at this point how the company feels about Aiden English and Rusev’s roles in the company.

Do you believe Rusev could establish himself as a main event player?


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