Last night on Monday Night Raw, Big Cass interrupted Chris Jericho during the return segment of “The Highlight Reel.” After getting the best of Y2J during the segment, Cass vs. Jericho was set for the main event of the show.

However, their match never got started because of the return of Dean Ambrose and Big Cass only played a small role in the main event segment.

Enzo Amore’s injury has created a unique situation for Big Cass and WWE because we don’t know exactly how long Enzo will be out of action. So that begs the question of what to do with Big Cass while he is out?

It’s a very real problem because last night proved that WWE isn’t willing to push him without Enzo, not right now anyway. That is going to force the former to run in place until Enzo returns from his recovery.

Last night, if Jericho had even gone eight minutes with Cass, that would have done wonders for his stock and put a main event on Raw under his resume. That’s an opportunity he never would have gotten with Enzo healthy. But WWE didn’t do that because they don’t want Big Cass to get over the leave his partner behind.

No one is blaming Enzo. The guy got hurt, but it’s left WWE to make a decision and the longer his partner is out, Big Cass is going to need to do something.

Honestly, WWE should just push him. It’ll get him a singles run and provide more momentum. He doesn’t need to be in the main event of Raw with Chris Jericho, but in the midcard against guys like Apollo Crews, Dolph Ziggler or even Sheamus? That’s totally reasonable.

Plus, when Enzo does come back, their team will have the momentum of their popularity, Enzo’s return, and Cass’ singles run. They’re in a better place if Big Cass wrestles instead of just being a placeholder.

Do you think Enzo’s injury is holding Big Cass back?


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