Last night on Raw, The New Day came to The Wyatt Family’s compound, which was essentially a muddy field that turned into a war zone between the two stables, which was ultimately won by The Wyatt Family.

The actual fight was a stalemate. When the fighting stopped, The New Day saw that there were dozens of “others” watching the fight from all around.

As Bray Wyatt laughed, the New Day learned who they are really dealing with, but that was before the match was made official by WWE.

It was revealed earlier today on that The New Day are having a match with The Wyatt Family at “Battleground” next weekend, but it will not be for the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

That may be the saving grace for The New Day because Wyatt has gotten deeper into the skin of the Tag Team Champions than he has with anyone else before.

Obviously, this is a way to extend The New Day’s title reign from Summerslam, but the WWE Draft has a strong chance of separating The New Day and The Wyatt Family. Will their feud end at “Battleground?”

Do you think The Wyatt Family should become the WWE World Tag Team Champions?


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