At NXT Takeover: Chicago, Lars Sullivan failed to capture the NXT Championship from Aleister Black. Some people were surprised to see Sullivan pinned, especially with NXT officials pushing him as a monster heel. His pinfall loss put over Black and his finisher this weekend, but the big question is what’s next for Lars Sullivan after NXT Takeover.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials are considering a move to the main roster for Sullivan after Money in the Bank. Dave Meltzer is questioning if Sullivan can handle the main roster. A lot of people would agree that he’s not ready to be on Raw or SmackDown Live yet and needs more time developing in NXT for at least six months.

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All too often, WWE officials make a decision to bring someone up too early. Their career suffers because WWE management judges him and make assumptions about their skills and experience. Not to mention, Lars Sullivan’s character is the cliche monster heel. It’s not a role that lasts for years unless the performer knows how to evolve the character.

Depending on how NXT officials are planning to book the show heading into Brooklyn, Lars Sullivan could bounce back after his loss to Aleister Black. His unbeatable aura is gone, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be effective in NXT’s midcard. There are a ton of babyfaces for him to work, especially someone like Ricochet who could use a huge feud.

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A lot would have to change for Sullivan to become someone who could actually win the NXT Championship. The monster heel has been done so many times now that it takes a unique take to last. That’s going to be difficult for Sullivan with someone like Keith Lee coming in with a lot more experience and a stronger following. If WWE officials want to move Lars Sullivan to the main roster after Money in the Bank, they better have a plan.

Were you impressed with Lars Sullivan’s performance at NXT Takeover: Chicago?


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