Lars Sullivan

  • Possible Future Plans For Recently Released WWE Stars

    There is a next step. WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world but sometimes someone does not fit in all that well around there. Every...

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  • Close Enough? Lars Sullivan Trying New Sports Career

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  • LOOK: Lars Sullivan Reveals Bizarre Proposed WWE Gimmick

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  • Lars Sullivan Opens Up About WWE Release, Offers Explanations

    That explains a bit. One thing that you learn while watching wrestling is that there are often two sides to every story. Sometimes you see something that does not make...

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  • This Was The Final Straw For Lars Sullivan’s WWE Career

    That’ll do it. Every now and then you see a wrestler who destroys their own career step by step and there is little that can be done to stop it....

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  • So Long? Controversial Star Released From WWE

    What could have been. There are a lot of controversial names throughout WWE’s history and that includes modern times. Sometimes there is a wrestler who just cannot make things work...

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  • Another Problem For Lars Sullivan’s WWE Future

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  • Why Big E. And Lars Sullivan Did Not Wrestle At Survivor Series

    That’s a fast reunion. The WWE Draft took place less than two months ago and completely changed the shape of the WWE roster. That is going to be the case...

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  • Vince McMahon Is Pushing This Wrestler Above All Others

    He’s next. There are so many wrestlers under the WWE umbrella that it might be difficult to figure out what is going on at any given time with anyone. Some...

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  • WWE Considering Changing Lars Sullivan’s Name

    Who are you again? One of the most important parts to any wrestler is his name. You don’t want to have someone who has some ridiculous name which makes them...

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