Lars Sullivan

  • Update On Lars Sullivan’s Return To WWE And It’s Not Positive

    It’s kind of a shame. There are very few wrestlers who have popped up and crashed down as fast as Lars Sullivan. He became a wrecking ball down in NXT...

    NewsMarch 1, 2020
  • The Possibilities: Here Are The Big Plans That Vince McMahon Had For Lars Sullivan

    NewsJanuary 24, 2020
  • For Once: We Have Another Update On Lars Sullivan And It’s Not Bad For A Change

    Are you sure that’s a good thing? There are very few wrestlers who have had the same kind of up and down roller coaster that Lars Sullivan has been on....

    NewsJanuary 21, 2020
  • RUMOR: What Could Have Been? Here’s What Was Planned For Lars Sullivan In The Very Long Term

    It wouldn’t feel right to not get him in one more time. There were very few stories in 2019 with as many twists and turns as that of Lars Sullivan....

    NewsJanuary 1, 2020
  • The Latest Twist: Lars Sullivan Appeared In Hardcore Male On Male Pornographic Films Before Signing With WWE (Safe For Work)

    Well there’s your big twist. A lot of things happened over the course of 2019. There were several stories that you remember but probably a lot that have slipped your...

    NewsDecember 29, 2019
  • It’s Bad News: We Have A Lars Sullivan Update And It Is Not Good

    That just sounds bad for Sullivan. We are coming to the end of the year and that means it is time to look back at what happened over the course...

    NewsDecember 19, 2019
  • A Bad Sign. Injury Update On Lars Sullivan Suggests That His Knee Problems Could Be Worse Than Expected.

    NewsNovember 7, 2019
  • Breaking: WWE Star Injured, Could Be Out Six To Nine Months

    Another to the injured list. Injuries can be about as devastating in wrestling as anything else. They can take a wrestler from being on the verge of moving up the...

    NewsJune 20, 2019
  • There Was Another Idea. Super ShowDown Match Originally Had A Different Ending.

    You mean that wasn’t their original idea? Super ShowDown was a rather interesting show for a variety of reasons but few of them would be described as positive. In addition...

    NewsJune 9, 2019
  • So Much For That? Lars Sullivan’s Push Might Already Be Over.

    It might be over before it starts. With Super ShowDown in the books, one of the more questionable results was the way Lars Sullivan defeated the Lucha House Party. Sullivan...

    NewsJune 9, 2019