During Monday Night Raw last night in Denver, Colorado, former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel tweeted out the following displaying his frustration about his position in WWE:


It’s no secret that Axel has struggled greatly on the main roster of WWE. Axel started in NXT Season 2 and eventually joined CM Punk’s Nexus. Michael Mcgillicutty was a poor name for him during his time in the Nexus.

Although, he did receive some decent in-ring time, exposure and a Tag Team Championship with David Otunga. Soon, he was the victim of a punt from Randy Orton that wrote him off television for some time.

In 2013, he was repackaged as Curtis Axel, and given the expert tutelage of Paul Heyman. Under Heyman, Axel found much more success. He became the Intercontinental Champion and defended it on a regular basis.

As a Paul Heyman guy, he was required to play second fiddle to Brock Lesnar and the middle man between Heyman and Punk during their heated rivalry in 2013.

His 2013 led him to be undervalued as the IC Champion and as a talent that got buried due to sacrificing all his momentum for Punk. He’d go on to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Big E, and Heyman dropped him as a Paul Heyman guy.

Since then, Axel has been floating around the midcard. “Axelmania” gained plenty of steam despite Axel not being booked properly, but it eventually got him into a tag team with Damien Sandow.

The pair played an impersonation gimmick of Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. Until Hogan’s racial comments dropped that opportunity as well. Now, Axel sits and waits with nothing to do but tweet during Raw.


Curtis Axel has been interacting with the fans of Twitter about the previously tweet about his frustration with his position. Those tweets are below:





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