In September, it was reported that the UFC was officially suing the state of New York for banning MMA from the city, as they announced their first event in iconic Madison Square Garden scheduled to take place on April 23rd 2016. Of course, if the injunction is not passed, the UFC will be forced to cancel the event, but if all goes ahead as planned how would the UFC’s debut hold up against these iconic moments in the MSG arena?

The Return of Brock Lesnar

For a while, Lesnar’s return to WWE was uncertain, but the former UFC Heavyweight Champion returned to Madison Square Garden on October 3rd 2015, 12 years after he last competed there in Wrestlemania 20. Fans were eager for Brock’s return, against seven-foot rival Big Show but unfortunately the media were unsuccessful in convincing fans that Big Show was any real threat to the bookmaker’s favourite and five-time world champion in professional wrestling.

The Game Changer: Jimmy Snuka’s ‘Superfly Splash’

Back in 1983, Jimmy Snuka changed the game when he climbed the 15 – foot steel cage at MSG and jumped on top of rival Don Muraco with a move dubbed the Superfly Splash. The pivotal moment in WWE history went on to inspire countless wrestlers, including wrestling legend Mick Foley.

The Unmasking of Kane

In 2003, Kane was challenged to compete against Triple H at MSG, with the agreement that if he lost, he would have to remove his mask. Fans had been made to believe the story that Kane was burnt and scarred beneath his mask, and the anticipation of finally seeing the wrestler’s face was a massive draw. Unsurprisingly, Kane lost the match to reveal what looked to be smudged black pen marks. The hype surrounding the match however makes this one of the most memorable and highly anticipated moments in WWE history.

The Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon

Hailed as the greatest WWE MSG moments of all time, the iconic event in WrestleMania X back in 1994, brought together all the elements of what makes a memorable WWE fight: the drama, professional wrestling technique and storytelling. The theatrical event saw the two wrestlers jumping off the ladder onto each other and slamming it into their bodies. Whilst it was Ramon who won the match, both wrestlers gained the respect they deserved from the applauding crowd.

Madison Square Garden has been an iconic venue for WWE over the years, and if the State of New York decide to revoke the ban against MMA fights in the municipality then there’s no reason why the venue won’t soon be host to some of the most memorable MMA events of the future. Stay tuned for more updates.   

You can check out more iconic MSG moments here.


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