Former WWE Champion and current UFC star CM Punk recently appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour.

Below are some interview highlights and the MMA Hour show in its entirety.

How does Punk feel about the Twitter hate that he receives?

Punk claims to does his best not to pay attention to it, but he reiterates that most of the people who post hateful comments to him only want their 5 minutes of Twitter fame.

What’s Punk’s injury status after getting hurt while training?

Punk wishes the internet hadn’t learned of the injury at all because if it didn’t surface then people wouldn’t be talking about how he won’t fight in UFC, and use it as an excuse. Punk confirmed that he will fight for the company.

Will his injury delay his first fight in UFC that was scheduled for late 2015 to early 2016?

Punk isn’t sure. Punk’s goal was to fight by the end of the year, but now that’s a question for his coach, Duke Roufus. The next update on his shoulder will be in January. Punk confirms there is nothing significant torn in his shoulder. Initially, they feared it was going to be a labrum or rotator cuff. The injury happened at the end of August, and his shoulder has been improving ever since.

Is there any news on the movie Punk and AJ were set to film?

Punk admitted that he has received a good amount of money for three days of shooting on it. His wife, AJ Lee will also be in the movie with him. Apparently, AJ will have to train in sword fighting for the film. On the subject of money, Punk says he doesn’t like it, but it “keeps the lights on.”

The full MMA Hour show is below:



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