It’s like ranking robberies. Back in 2005, Chris Jericho came up with an idea called Money in the Bank, where a ladder match would be held for a briefcase. That briefcase would contain a contract that could be cashed in for a World Title shot at any time, even when another title match was going on. This became a game changer and still is all these years later. With that much history, a retrospective sounds appropriate.

How did this list go eleven months ago? Check out WWE’s other countdown.

Greatest Money in the Bank contract cash-ins: WWE Top 10

WWE has released a countdown of all nineteen Money in the Bank cash-ins throughout history, starting from the first in 2006 and ending with the most recent in April of this year. The cash-ins have been put in order based on the victor, who they beat for the title and the context in which they cashed in their contract. As you might guess, the losses are lower on the list than the victors. Here’s WWE’s list:

19. Baron Corbin – 2017
18. John Cena – 2012
17. Damien Sandow – 2013
16. Jack Swagger – 2010
15. CM Punk – 2009
14. Alberto Del Rio – 2011
13. CM Punk – 2008
12. Edge – 2007
11. Randy Orton – 2013 (Tie)
10. Sheamus – 2015 (Tie)
9. Carmella – 2018
8. Daniel Bryan – 2011
7. Kane – 2010
6. Rob Van Dam – 2006
5. Edge – 2006
4. The Miz – 2010
3. Dean Ambrose – 2016
2. Dolph Ziggler – 2013
1. Seth Rollins – 2015

If this isn’t your style, check out another countdown of the crashes that come with the ladder matches right here.

Opinion: While I would have put Edge’s first cash-in higher, you really can’t argue with beating Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania XXXI. I’m really not a big Money in the Bank fan whatsoever but they can be a lot of fun when they’re done well. However, the ones at the bottom really do feel like they’re tacked on for the sake of having a Money in the Bank cash-in. The bad is bad, but the good is REALLY good.

Which of these is your favorite? Did WWE get the top and bottom right? Let us know in the comments below.

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