According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE may potentially making huge announcements related to the award-winning WWE Network in the coming weeks.

Triple H recently had the following to say to The Mirror in the UK earlier this month, leading to speculation on the Network announcements:

“While we are there at this UK event at the Royal Albert Hall, we will be making some announcements about the future of the UK Championship brand there in the UK and moving forward. That brand still remains very near and dear to me and it’s something I want to move on. It’s taking a little bit longer than I anticipated in getting things done and getting them done in the way I want them to get done … but it’s happening. It will be meaningful to everybody there and I look forward to showcasing the UK talent to the world.”

As we’ve mentioned, WWE has been considering adding other promotions to the Network to further increase the subscriber count.

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) and PROGRESS Wrestling are being considered for the Network. Vince McMahon has changed his mind on several occasions about adding them, but he currently appears to be of the mindset that it is a good idea.

It is expected that one of the announcements during the UK Championship Tournament would be this. But it doesn’t stop there, as there are two further possible announcements.

The first of which is the UK Championship brand. It is well documented that WWE wants to create a weekly show in that area. It has run into a few difficulties in doing so. With the second tournament now about to take place, now may be the time for them to capitalize on the idea.

Finally, while not specifically for the WWE Network, there is interest, as we’ve reported in the past, that WWE wants to add a Performance Center in the UK. They would like to do this to increase talent, allow them to work different styles, and meld them in preparation for WWE. If this does happen, there is the chance it appears on the Network in some sort of special.

If any of these announcements do happen, the Observer noted that they’d be around June 18-19 as this is when the tournament is held. However, we also speculate that the entire week could reveal the announcements. Keep an eye out!

Check out Triple H kicking off the UK Championship Tournament:

Triple H kicks off the beginning of a new empire: WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament

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