It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

According to PWinsider, the WWE Network has sent out another survey with potential offers of gifts, giveaways and exclusives for users who purchase a yet-to-be-announced plan on the WWE Network. Note that these are not set in stone or officially announced and are just possibilities.

*Receiving a “crate” of WWE merchandise for subscribing for a year’s worth of the WWE Network at once.
*Receiving a free month of the WWE Network by referring it to friends and family who

sign up for three months.

*Receiving discounts on the Network price if you pay for a year in advance.

*Having the ability to stream the Network on four devices at once.

*Free shipping of WWEShop orders.

*Having a “family” plan to stream it in different locations.

*The ability to download material onto devices to watch while offline.

*The ability to play WWE-themed games on the Network app.

*Closed captioning of live events in other languages.

*Be part of a test group to give feedback on new games, merchandise and Network programming.

WWE Network app on PlayStation 4

*Be entered into raffles automatically for trips to major WWE events and similar contests.

*Subscriber exclusive meet and greets with WWE talents.

*Exclusive chats with WWE talents where you would be able to ask talents questions.

*Creating and sharing video playlists with friends and family.

*Exclusive Network content including previews and behind the scenes content.

*Exclusive second screen content during WWE programming exclusively for subscribers.

*Getting 3 months of Starz with a 3 month subscription to the WWE Network.

*Voting on the WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

*Specified video suggestions based on talent searches.

*Greater ability to bookmark and play specific matches in events, as opposed to just playing an event from the start.


This comes on the heels of WWE offering a system of tiered prices for the Network, ranging from free to $14.99 a month. The rewards offered in those packages included exclusive shows, the potential to watch shows from other wrestling organizations including Ring of Honor and TNA and commercial free videos.

The WWE Network debuted over two and a half years ago and the model has mostly stayed the same since. While these changes aren’t for sure yet, it would be interesting to see how many people are willing to pay more money for some exclusives. Adding perks to the already well put together system could be intriguing and offers some greater benefits to people who are already all in on WWE.

Which of these potential benefits appeal to you the most? Would you be willing to pay more for the WWE Network if it meant getting more exclusive content? Let us know in the comments below.


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