• WWE Is Asking Fans To Help Fix NXT

    At least they’re listening. To say NXT has been changed a lot in recent months would be a huge understatement. NXT has gone from one of the most popular WWE...

    NewsNovember 27, 2021
  • WWE Ranks Higher Than NFL, MLB And Many More In Important Survey

    NewsOctober 19, 2021
  • WWE Is Asking Fans About AEW And Other Promotions

    They’re paying attention. Wrestling has been shaken up a bit thanks to the rise of AEW. WWE finally has some well funded mainstream competition and that makes things a lot...

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  • WWE Sends Fans A Survey About Favorite Storylines

    Their opinion matters. Storytelling is key to professional wrestling as a company has to make its fans care about what they are seeing. Without an interested audience, business is going...

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  • WWE Wants To Know When Fans Stopped Caring About WWE Programming

    But will they pay attention? There is no secret to the fact that the WWE is not in the same place that they were in before. The viewership for Monday...

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  • WWE Are Surveying Fans for Their Opinions on 205 Live

    According to a report by WrestlingInc, WWE are surveying fans on their opinions on the WWE Network exclusive show 205 Live. It has now officially been a year since 205...

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  • Latest WWE Survey Asks Opinions on Ideas for WWE Network

    NewsSeptember 23, 2017
  • Here’s Why You Might Want to Fill Out That New WWE Network Survey

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving. According to PWinsider, the WWE Network has sent out another survey with potential offers of gifts, giveaways and exclusives for users who purchase...

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