Who says vertical stripes can’t be intimidating? More often than not, wrestling matches consist of two wrestlers in the ring. What people forget is the fact that there’s often a third person in there with them, normally wearing a striped shirt. Referees are often forgotten participants in wrestling matches, despite them often becoming an important part of the match. Sometimes they even get involved in the matches as well.

WWE has released another top ten list of referees fighting either fellow officials or occasionally the wrestlers themselves. While this doesn’t happen too often, there are enough instances over the years to look at ten moments from a host of companies over the course of the years.

When referees fight back - WWE Top 10

Opinion: This is something that you don’t want to do too often or it’s going to lose whatever steam it has. These moments need to be very few and far between and thankfully that’s the case with this list. Having referees fight each other is one thing but it’s only going to be so interesting no matter what.

Who is your favorite referee? What is your favorite instance of a referee getting physical? Let us know in the comments below.


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