• Odd Reason WWE No Longer Mentions Referees’ Names

    Who are you again? Referees have a weird role to play in the wrestling world as they are supposed to take care of everything that is going on in the...

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  • Vince McMahon Has New Instructions For Referees

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  • Put An Ad In The Paper. WWE Is Looking For A Specific Kind Of Employee.

    Call the office. Referees are a part of wrestling that is often overlooked. They have to do a lot more than call for the bell and count pins as their...

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  • Video: 7 Times WWE Referees Failed

    Some people call this a Dusty Finish. The sign of the great referees is that you never notice he’s there. The referee is supposed to be out there to help...

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  • Watch: When Referees Fight Back

    Who says vertical stripes can’t be intimidating? More often than not, wrestling matches consist of two wrestlers in the ring. What people forget is the fact that there’s often a...

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