Just another face in the crowd. Wrestling fans today are a little spoiled with NXT being the official developmental system for WWE. After Ohio Valley Wrestling paved the way for such an idea, wrestlers now had a direct path to the main roster instead of having to be creative in their ways to get to the ring. Back in the day though, wrestling companies had to be a little more creative to get some of the wrestlers into the ring. That sounds like a Top Ten list to me.

Yeah you. Come here.

Surprising debuts from the crowd: WWE Top 10, May 14, 2018

WWE has released a new Top Ten video looking at the Most Surprising Crowd Debuts. The items on this list look at wrestlers or “fans” debuting by coming out of the crowd, either during a run-in or posing as fans in their debuts. This is a concept that has gone back for years, meaning some of the entries are far older than others, with some dating back nearly thirty years. Multiple companies are included as well.

Opinion: This is part of the problem with everything being made so professional and official today in WWE: it’s so much harder to have something like this happen as fans know people are coming up and know who is on their way out of NXT, often because WWE makes it very clear. Between the Superstar Shakeup and the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania every year, they don’t exactly keep things a secret. Oh and Santino Marella as #1 over Scott Hall debuting and starting one of the biggest and most important stories ever? Give me a break.

What did WWE leave off the list? What should have been on top? Let us know in the comments below.

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