It is official and, as the bookies say, it’s a lock.  On September 1st, 2018, the landscape of wrestling and sports entertainment will change forever.  Today is Mother’s Day in the United States.  It’s also ‘All In Day’, as today, All In tickets for Bullet Club’s self-funded September 1st PPV, have officially gone on sale.  And in major breaking news via Wrestling Inc, former WWE champion Rey Mysterio is ‘All In’.
IMG Credit: Wrestling Inc

Never-before in the history of wrestling and sports entertainment has a group of individuals risen to the top of the wrestling food chain so fast.  Never-before in the history of wrestling and sports entertainment has a group of wrestlers thrived so fluently.

However, through sheer talent and unmatched passion, Bullet Club: Kenny ‘The Cleaner’ Omega, Cody ‘The American Nightmare’ Rhodes, The Young Bucks and anyone associated with these men have done it. They truly are the best in the business:

All In” - Being The Elite Ep. 95

The ramifications of the All In PPV’s success will send a ricochet through wrestling and sports entertainment that will reverberate harder and longer than even that of the NWO and WCW Nitro during the legendary wrestling wars:

WCW Monday Night Nitro nWo Invades Nitro

It’s not enough that you have the greatest sports entertainers in the world together All In one place, it’s that you’re going to have a crowd of ten thousand strong (the largest non-WWE crowd on US soil since 2001) cheering them on. Not only that, All In will host a list of who’s who that might show up and take part.

We already know that Stephen Amell and David Arquette will be there, but the other day we heard a rumor that Home Alone child actor, Macaulay Culkin will also be, All In. Not to mention the likes of CM Punk, former WCW champion, DDP and Kevin Nash will also be at the All In weekend festivities. Heck, yours truly will be there in some form or fashion – and that alone is worth the price of admission.

Bullet Club/Being The Elite Funny Moments #1

All In Day isn’t some cheap catchphrase that was made up on the sport without merit, All In Day is real and it is already legendary.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that All All In tickets will be sold by the end of this day. So, don’t wait.  Deplete your savings, take out a loan, make that all important call to the ticket hotline, schedule your travel plans and make sure you don’t miss all the action of wrestling and sports entertainment’s rebirth, All In – September 1st, Sears Arena, Chicago Illinois.

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