Well done Gulak. Wrestling has been going through some rough times in recent months. Of course there has been issues over the Coronavirus and SpeakOut, but there are also the usual issues that come along with being in the wrestling business. Sometimes that involves losing someone you care about and in this case, a wrestler paid a tribute to someone in a nice way.

While it may not always get the most attention, wrestlers have to go through a lot of the same problems that regular people face. This can include some horribly bad things, including losing someone to a horrible situation. There are few things sadder than losing someone at a young age but that was the case with a wrestler who passed away earlier this year. A WWE star paid tribute to him this week.

During this week’s SmackDown, Drew Gulak had the name “Havoc” written on his wrist tape during his match against AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Title. The name was a tribute to Danny Havoc, who passed away in May of this year due to heart failure at age 34. Gulak trained and wrestled with Havoc for a number of years. Havoc’s final match came with Game Changer Wrestling on February 15 for Game Changer Wrestling.

Gulak explained the tribute and talked about Havoc after the match. Check out Gulak’s other tribute:

Opinion: That’s a very nice thing to see and something that a lot of people would not have done. Gulak seems like someone who is a rather nice guy when the cameras are off and that’s a cool thing to have around. Throw in his very high level abilities in the ring and it is no wonder that WWE made sure to keep him. The match with Styles was good and I could go for seeing it again sooner or later.

What did you think of Gulak’s title shot? How far can he go in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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