Drew Gulak

  • NXT LVL Up Results – October 6, 2023

    NXT LVL Up Date: October 6, 2023 Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton We’re back to the point where there isn’t much to say about...

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  • WATCH: Two WWE Stars Pay Off A World Series Bet In Hilarious Fashion

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  • VIDEO: SmackDown Star Snaps Backstage After Another Bad Night

    That doesn’t seem good. There are times when it seems that WWE does not know how to present a wrestler. This can cause some problems, as it often leaves wrestlers...

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  • Not So Fast: WWE Star May Be Shifting Into New On-Screen Role

    It’s something for him to do. There are a lot of people on the WWE roster and it can be difficult for the company to find something for everyone to...

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  • WWE Star Begins A New Career This Week On SmackDown

    It’s a gig. Being in the WWE is the pinnacle for a lot of wrestlers as it is the highest profile wrestling promotion in the world. Getting to be on...

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  • VIDEO: Drew Gulak Banged Up During SmackDown Four Way

    It happens to everyone. Wrestling is a physical sport and as a result, the risk of an injury is always there. No matter how talented a wrestler is, they cannot...

    NewsJuly 31, 2020
  • VIDEO: Drew Gulak’s In-Ring Tribute To Fallen Wrestler

    NewsJuly 4, 2020
  • More Details On Drew Gulak Returning To WWE

    So that’s what happened. Wrestlers can come and go from a wrestling promotion at the drop of a hat. That is a pretty common situation but it is a pretty...

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  • Recently Departed WWE Star Already Back?

    That didn’t take long. Like any other business, wrestling is going to see a lot of turnover. Wrestlers can come and go at any given time, whether or not they...

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  • Backstage News On Why Drew Gulak Left WWE

    That’s one reason to go. WWE is in a state of upheaval as of late with all kinds of wrestlers leaving the company. This was never more true than on...

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