Give it back! There are all kinds of people involved in making a wrestling show work. While the wrestlers themselves get most of the attention, they are not going to be able to do much without people around them. The audience is an important part of any wrestling event and they are going to have their opinions. Now though, one of those opinions was literally taken away.

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A fan on Twitter says that he brought a “Give Dana Brooke A Chance” sign to this week’s Monday Night Raw, which he showed on Twitter. However, he claims that WWE personnel confiscated the sign but did not give a reason. Brooke responded on Twitter, saying that she was sorry, that the incident was wrong and promising that it would be addressed. There is no word on why the sign was confiscated. Brooke did not work on the show.

Brooke does have a history in WWE. Check out some of her time in the company:

Opinion: Assuming this story is true, and the sign was certainly there in the first place, I’m not sure why WWE would want to take it away. The only thing I can think of is that WWE does not want the fans to think that they were being ignored, but taking the sign seems to be a bit of a stretch. Either way, it is nice to see that Brooke has a fan, even if she is not being used very often.

What do you think of the sign? How could WWE use Brooke? Let us know in the comments below.

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