Ring of Honor
Date: October 21, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni

We’re getting down to the final four this week and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, it means we are going to be seeing something new coming in the next few weeks, but at the same time it means that we are going to be losing some of what has made this such a great show as of late. Hopefully they have something to balance it out. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Last week, Jay Lethal defeated David Finlay to advance.

Lethal is looking forward to facing Jonathan Gresham in the finals. Note that he’s only in the semifinals.

Last week, Jonathan Gresham defeated Matt Sydal to advance.

Jonathan Gresham is proud of his win and is ready to face someone in the next round. He talks about the professional wrestling freedom that comes with this tournament.

We look back at Vincent talking about making enemies and getting jumped by Matt Taven.

We look back at Fred Yehi beating Silas Young in the first round.

We look back at Tracy Williams defeating Rust Taylor to advance.

Pure Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Fred Yehi vs. Tracy Williams

These two were in Catch Point together in Evolve so there is a history between them. The stats offer a breakdown of Yehi’s strengths (escaped 83% of submissions) and weaknesses (only one takedown and move counter) from the first round. They do the Catch Point handshake to start and Yehi’s headlock takeover doesn’t get him anywhere.

We get a break in the corner before Yehi has to spin out of a hammerlock and go to the corner. Tracy tries to take him down but Yehi winds up on top for a quick two. Yehi uses a rope break to get out of a hammerlock and then uses a second a few moments later. Williams takes him down by the arm again but gets suplexed down as we take a break.

Back with Williams having to escape a leglock and winning a chop off without much effort. Williams kicks him in the back for two but Yehi is right back with a German suplex. He doesn’t let go but Williams blocks another suplex attempt. Instead Yehi stomps on the foot and kicks the leg out, setting up a quick Koji Clutch. That sends Williams to the rope, apparently for the second time.

They trade hold attempts on the mat with Yehi blocking a few Crossface attempts. A brainbuster rocks Yehi but he reverses a clothesline into the small package for two. That’s switched into the Koji Clutch to have Williams in more trouble and it’s the third rope break to get him out.

Back up and they slug it out until Williams forearms him hard into the corner. Williams still can’t get the Crossface so he settles for two off a piledriver instead, with Yehi using his own final rope break. Now the Crossface goes on but Yehi gets to his feet again. This time Yehi heads to the ropes so Williams slaps on the dragon sleeper in the ropes, but since that’s not a break, Yehi taps at 14:03.

Result: Tracy Williams b. Dragon sleeper (14:03)

Here’s EC3 for a chat. He talks about how everyone has control over us throughout our lives, but is there honor in fighting back? EC3 talks about various people who have been here and says there have been honor in them. Is there honor in the people here today though? EC3 wants to find out by bringing total war here, because without pain and sacrifice, you have nothing. He wants to put the name of honor to the test so you have been warned.

Post break, EC3 runs into Shane Taylor, who introduces himself because EC3 didn’t mention him. Taylor calls it his house but the Briscoes come up to get in his face. The Soldiers of Savagery want a six man against the Briscoes and EC3, which seems to be on.

We look at Josh Woods defeating Kenny King and PJ Black defeating Tony Deppen to advance.

Pure Title Tournament Quarterfinals: PJ Black vs. Josh Woods

Silas Young is here with Woods and Brian Johnson is here with Black. They go to the mat to start and that’s not a good idea against Woods. An armbar has Black in trouble but he reverses into an ankle lock. That’s broken up as well and the grappling continues as they fight over arm control. Woods starts getting the better of things by staying over Black on the mat.

They get up with Black shoving him away for a standoff before taking Woods down in a headscissors. Woods keeps frustrating him and they break it up as we take a break. Back with things heading from the floor back inside, where Black has to use the rope to escape a sleeper. A kneebar sends Black into the rope again so he’s down to one break.

Woods grabs a front facelock and cranks on the arm some more until Black uses a Samoan drop to escape. It’s off to a cravate instead until Black rolls out and hits some quick middle rope elbows to the head. Black rolls into a reverse Boston crab while lifting Woods up to make it worse. That’s broken up as well so Black hits a running crossbody in the corner. Woods has had it though and pulls him into a grapevine ankle lock to make Black tap at 13:27.

Result: Josh Woods b. PJ Black – Grapevine ankle lock (13:27)

Here are the updated brackets:

Jay Lethal
Tracy Williams

Jonathan Gresham
Josh Woods


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