Date: October 28, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross

We’re getting closer and closer to Full Gear and tonight we will find out the finalists in the #1 contenders tournament, with the match taking place at the pay per view. Other than that we have a town hall meeting with the Inner Circle and Maxwell Jacob Friedman to see if he can join the team. Let’s get to it.

Wardlow and MJF are getting ready for Wardlow’s match when Wardlow is asked what it means to possibly win the title. MJF interrupts, saying that if Wardlow wins, the title goes to MJF because Wardlow works for him. Wardlow agrees, but here is Sammy Guevara to throw down the jacket that MJF gave him. Sammy says MJF isn’t joining the team no matter what, so MJF asks where all the hostility is coming from. After being accused of looking like someone who sells Adderall to middle school kids, Sammy promises to keep MJF off the team.

#1 Contenders Tournament Semifinals: Wardlow vs. Hangman Page

Page starts fast and hammers on Wardlow before getting up a boot to the face. They head outside with Wardlow spearing him through the barricade with ease and hammering away. Back in and Wardlow sends him flying, followed by a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Wardlow misses a top rope splash though and Page gets to start slugging away. A running clothesline sends Wardlow over the top and out to the floor.

Page hits a top rope moonsault to the floor but the Buckshot Lariat is cut off with a hard clothesline to give Wardlow two. The F10 connects but Page rolls out to the floor. Back in and the super F10 is countered into a superplex to put Wardlow down instead. A pair of Buckshot Lariats finish Wardlow at 9:50.

Result: Hangman Page b. Wardlow – Buckshot Lariat (9:50)

Here’s everything else that is coming tonight.

Jon Moxley talks about how he has defended the World Title everywhere and now he is ready to do it again against Eddie Kingston. Eddie has a huge ego though and it’s time to give him a big wake up call.

Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Sydal

Before the match, Eddie talks about how he is ready for Full Gear and was never eliminated from the battle royal. Eddie: “Hi Lance.” Eddie works on a headlock to start but gets taken down into an armbar. The cobra stretch is blocked so Sydal kicks away, only to get caught in a powerbomb. Back with Sydal hitting a hard shot to the face for two and Kingston is a bit rocked. He’s fine enough to cut off a charge in the corner but Sydal snaps off a jumping hurricanrana. The top rope Meteora gets two but Eddie is back with a knee to the ribs. The spinning backfist drops Sydal and the bulldog choke makes Sydal give up at 8:12.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Matt Sydal – Bulldog choke (8:12)

Post match Kingston won’t let go until Sydal says he quits.

Earlier today we had a split screen sitdown interview with the Young Bucks and FTR. The ankle is fine after last week, as it is just a sprain. FTR laughs off the idea that they are trying to get out of the match. They say the interview doesn’t deserve them and walk out. Matt talks about how they’re a couple of young kids who worked hard and built their own ring to train.  That was their college education. Now they want the titles so badly that if they don’t win them at Full Gear, they will never challenge for them again.

It’s time for the Town Hall as the political edition of Dynamite continues. Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzales are the moderators and our first question comes from Luchasaurus. Since MJF doesn’t have a Masters degree like he does, Luchasaurus would like to know the financial impact that MJF can have on the Inner Circle. MJF happens to have a chart, showing how much better the ratings are when he is around, which is just math.

The next question is from Britt Baker and Rebel, the latter of whom is VERY interested in Jericho’s smile. They would like to know about MJF’s track record of turning on people. Jericho: “I’m not a dip**** like Cody.” Jericho threatens to knock MJF’s teeth down his throat if he turns on them but MJF says if they join forces, it means a lot of green and a lot of gold. Next up is Peter Avalon, who asks if he can join the Inner Circle. Jericho laughs a lot before saying that’s never going to happen.

Then we have Eric B. from Cody, Wyoming, who quotes John F. Kennedy by asking what MJF can do for the Inner Circle. MJF says he can offer friendship, so Bischoff then asks what the Inner Circle can do for MJF as well. He thinks the team can make him better, so Bischoff has one more question. Bischoff and Jericho have worked together before and Bischoff knows Jericho is a primadonna. Jericho freaks out but Bischoff gets to continue, asking why we should believe the two of them won’t kill each other.

MJF talks about everything he has offered to Jericho and the Inner Circle, including gifts and the best segment ever in wrestling. Jericho says MJF hasn’t beaten him but he’ll have the chance at Full Gear. If MJF can beat him, he can be on the team. MJF takes it seriously and promises to do ANYTHING to win. Ortiz tells MJF to shut up because there is no conversation needed because no one wants him in the Inner Circle. Next week it’s going to be Santana/Guevara vs. MJF/Wardlow and MJF isn’t making it to Full Gear.

Video on Team Taz vs. Will Hobbs.

TNT Title: Cody vs. Orange Cassidy

Cody is defending in a lumberjack match. The Mouse Trap is broken up early and Cody wins a battle over a top wristlock. Cassidy gets two off a backslide but Cody hits him in the ribs to send him outside for the Big Hug from the Best Friends. Back in and Cody hits a dragon screw legwhip over the rope but the Best Friends catch him before he falls. Cassidy is right back with a shot to knock Cody off the apron, and this time the Best Friends just drop him.

Trent gets in a cheap shot from the floor and Cassidy hits a high crossbody but Cody counters the spinning DDT. Cody is sent outside again but the lumberjacks can’t do anything before he’s back in. Now the spinning DDT gets two and we take a break with Cassidy being sent outside.

Back with the lumberjacks getting in a fight until Cody superplexes Cassidy onto the pile. Cody throws him back in and gets two off the Cody Cutter, only to get caught with the Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy’s top rope diving DDT gets two but the lumberjacks get back in, with John Silver hitting a pump kick on Cassidy (which Cody didn’t see). Arn Anderson gets in a left hand as well, allowing Cody to hit Cross Rhodes to retain at 12:05.

Result: Cody b. Orange Cassidy – Cross Rhodes (12:05)

Post match the brawl is on as Darby Allin watches from the rafters like Sting. The Gunn Club of all people clear the ring.

Miro and Kip Sabian run into the Best Friends in the back and try to make peace after they broke Alan a few weeks ago. Their offer of a present: Penelope Ford dressed as Orange Cassidy. They jump the Friends anyway and the beating goes into the locker room with the Best Friends being laid out.

Serena Deeb talks about winning the NWA Women’s Title last night and promises to show why you should respect her.

NWA Women’s Title: Serena Deeb vs. Leyla Hirsch

Deeb is defending and gets taken into the corner to start. Back up and Deeb grabs a waistlock but Hirsch reverses into a front facelock. Hirsch runs her over a few times with a shoulder getting two. Deeb gets two off a neckbreaker over the ropes and JR calls Hirsch a female Ivan Putski. Hirsch pulls her into a cross armbreaker attempt but Deeb stacks her up to escape.  Hirsch sends her shoulder first into the buckle for the break. We take a break and come back with Hirsch hitting a knee to the face but getting dropped with a neckbreaker. The Tequila Sunrise makes Hirsch tap at 8:39.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Leyla Hirsch – Tequila Sunrise (8:39)

Hikaru Shida is willing to face Nyla Rose for the Women’s Title at Full Gear.

Shawn Spears vs. VSK

C4 finishes for Spears at 31 seconds.

Result: Shawn Spears b. VSK – C4 (0:31)

Post match, someone in a bull costume yells at Spears so Spears pulls him inside. Spears loads up the glove but it’s Scorpio Sky, who lays Spears out with a TKO.

Full Gear rundown.

Next week rundown.

#1 Contenders Tournament Semifinals: Kenny Omega vs. Penta El Zero M

Omega’s Mega Title isn’t on the line but his big intro is still on in full. Rey Fenix is here in Penta’s corner as Omega lays the title in front of Penta. The big chop off ensues and Omega knocks the glove away before stomping Penta down. Penta knocks him outside though and hits the dive, only to come up holding his knee as we take a break.

Back with Omega snapping off a hurricanrana to the floor and hitting the running flip dive for a bonus. Penta is back up with a dive to the floor though and they’re both down. They head back inside with Omega hitting the snapdragon and then does it again for a bonus. Omega knees him in the face and hits a powerbomb, followed by the V Trigger for two. A leg lariat to the back of the head sends Penta into the corner and there’s another V Trigger in the corner.

Omega takes him to the top but gets caught with a super Destroyer onto the ramp. The Fear Factor gets two more back inside but the Pentagon Driver is countered. Instead Penta hits a low running enziguri for two and they’re both staggered. Another V Trigger rocks Penta but he counters the One Winged Angel and snaps the arm. Omega slips out of the Pentagon Driver again and has to use the left hand to fight back. Penta springboards into a knee to the face though and the One Winged Angel finishes at 16:23.

Result: Kenny Omega b. Penta El Zero M – One Winged Angel (16:23)


Hangman Page b. Wardlow – Buckshot Lariat
Eddie Kingston b. Matt Sydal – Bulldog choke
Cody b. Orange Cassidy – Cross Rhodes
Serena Deeb b. Leyla Hirsch – Tequila Sunrise
Shawn Spears b. VSK – C4
Kenny Omega b. Penta – One Winged Angel

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