Ring of Honor
Date: August 14, 2019
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman
Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McCay

It’s the new format around here and that is the best for everyone involved. The old style wasn’t working very well so cutting out the matches that aren’t interesting in the first place is a good move. Ring of Honor knows how to do the one match a show format and that is what we’ll be having going forward. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with a recap of Flip Gordon turning down Lifeblood to join Villain Enterprises, which is probably a better move for him given how much Lifeblood has died over the last few months.

We get some highlights of Dragon Lee vs. Jonathan Gresham at Manhattan Mayhem, including a lot of chopping and Gresham cheating a bit. Lee won with a running knee to the face.

Lee says he’s here for competition and will take on the wrestling world with his brother.

Gresham says he listened to Jay Lethal and lost. So much for that.

The Shinobi Shadow Squad trains, after having thrown ninja stars at a picture of Villain Enterprises.

Karissa Rivera wants the Women’s Title. She’s bringing the fight and leaving it all in the ring. Maybe then she can go work on getting some more original material.

Rhett Titus talks about his history with Kenny King as the All Night Express but then King walked out, leaving Titus’ career going nowhere. Then King came back to get the team together again, to more limited success. That led to the Rebellion before Titus teamed up with Will Ferrara as the Dawgs. Shane Taylor beat him in the Proving Ground match and King yelled at him about losing his fire. Maybe King is right, but Titus’ biggest mistake was not hitting him in the face.

Soldiers of Savagery vs. Corey Hexx/Geddy Cahoon

Double chokeslam finishes Hexx at 45 seconds.

Result: Soldiers of Savagery b. Corey Hexx/Geddy Cahoon – Double chokeslam to Hexx (0:45)

Clip of the Bouncers coming up short against the Briscoes for the Tag Team Titles.

Clip of the street fight from a few weeks back between Lifeblood and Villain Enterprises.

Lifeblood/Flip Gordon vs. Villain Enterprises

Scurll and Williams start things off with a grappling exchange with Williams grabbing a cravate. Some shoving triggers a standoff and it’s off to Bandido vs. Gordon to some rather enthusiastic reactions. That means a fast standoff so King comes in and, just to show off, runs up the corner into a multiple springboards armdrag to take Bandido down

As big as King is, he can still be superkicked, meaning it’s off to Scurll vs. Haskins with the latter working on the arm. Black comes in to do the same as Lifeblood starts taking turns. A slingshot stomp gives Black two and Williams drops a slingshot legdrop for two of his own. King has had it and comes in to clean house, including a big flip dive over the top. PCO gets backdropped over the top onto Haskins and Williams as we take a break.

Back with PCO hitting a Swanton for two on Williams, followed by a double chokeslam from the monsters. We settle down to Gordon stomping Williams in the corner but Scurll takes too much time talking, allowing Williams to grab a suplex. Bandido comes in….and catches PCO’s crossbody. Bandido’s twisting moonsault takes out the Villains on the floor (Caprice: “I don’t think that’s a real move!”) but Scurll grabs a rollup for two.

Back from another break with Haskins getting the hot tag and striking away at King and PCO. The monsters are sent outside so Haskins hits back to back suicide dives, followed by Williams striking away at King. Everything breaks down and it’s PCO moonsaulting onto the pile outside. Bandido is up with a sunset bomb to take PCO from the apron to the floor, leaving King to Batista Bomb Haskins for two. Bandido is back in with the 21 Plex to King, setting up Black’s springboard 450 for the pin at 17:43.

Result: Lifeblood/PJ Black b. Villain Enterprises – Springboard 450 to King (17:43)

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