I took in the NXT house show last night at the Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. The arena holds 6,600 people but part of it was tarped off and the entire back section of the bleacher seats weren’t sold. The floor seats however were completely full and gave the show a good feeling as the area around the ring was packed.

After a regular opening video and the Star Spangled Banner, the ring announcer started an NXT chant and we were ready to go.

1. Gran Metalik b. Noam Dar – Metalik Driver (8:30)

This was pretty standard stuff with Dar working the arm and the leg at various times. The fans chanted WHERE’S ALICIA over and over during the match. Metalik did some flips and kicks before hitting the namesake driver for the pin. Pretty standard opener.

2. Ember Moon b. Mandy Rose – Eclipse (9:03)

The fans booed Rose’s entrance until she actually came out and then it was mainly gasping. I’ve seen a lot of wrestling in my day and the only female wrestler near her level is Maria Kanellis. Basically imagine Eva Marie if she could actually wrestle a competent match. Rose did the standard DON’T HIT ME IN THE FACE bit and took over for a bit before a bunch of strikes and the Eclipse wrapped it up. That finisher looked great in person too.

DIY did a quick promo talking about Sanity and about how Ciampa used to live in Louisville. When they win tonight they’re going to get some horses and celebrate all night long. Gargano: “HORSES???”

3. Authors of Pain b. Heavy Machinery – Final Chapter (7:28)

A fan got to do the intro in a cute bit. Heavy Machinery is Tucker Knight/Otis Dozovic and they’re some good sized guys. This was your standard power match with Otis getting to show off a bit. It was nothing out of the ordinary but I had a good time with it as I can go for four big guys hitting each other really hard.

4. Elias Samson b. Oney Lorcan – Swinging neckbreaker (7:45)

Samson did his song about wanting to hit all of us in the face. Lorcan grabbed the mic and asked if any of us wanted to see him beat Samson all over Louisville. There wasn’t much to this and it was probably the worst match of the night. Samson stopped in the middle to sing a song so Lorcan grabbed the guitar and threatened to break it. When the referee took it away, Samson got in the neckbreaker for the pin.

5. Women’s Title: Asuka b. Peyton Royce – Asuka Lock (9:15)

Billie Kay was out with Royce. This was better than expected with Billie getting in a distraction so Peyton could take over. The Aussies are getting better at their offense and looking more like bullies. Asuka Hulked Up, took out Billie and Asuka Locked Peyton to retain.


6. Tag Team Titles: DIY b. Sanity (Alexander Wolfe/Killian Dain) (12:38)

This was the match of the night so far with DIY the champs doing a bit of comedy with the monster Dain (formerly Big Damo). Sanity tried to interfere and Nikki Cross was ejected. Dain powerbombed Ciampa onto Wolfe’s raised knees for a near fall but the knee/superkick combo finished Wolfe to retain.

Eric Young yelled at the rest of Sanity and issued an open challenge.

7. Eric Young b. Patrick Clark

While this was an open challenge, Clark was already listed as facing Young on the official poster. No one knew who Clark was when he came out but the match wound up being fine. Clark wasn’t the most interesting in the world though and it held the match back a lot. Sanity came out for interference and Young won with the wheelbarrow neckbreaker. Clark was beaten down post match and no one came out for the save.

8. Shinsuke Nakamura/Roderick Strong b. Samoa Joe/Bobby Roode (18:34)

Definitely the match of the night and Nakamura’s pop was probably stronger than any other two combined. The fans didn’t seem to know who Strong was and Roode got one heck of a pop of his own. This was your standard main event tag with everyone getting their stuff in. Roode vs. Nakamura was entertaining with Roode doing basic stuff and then getting freaked out when Nakamura would do his flashy stuff. Nakamura finished Joe with the Kinshasa and posed a lot to end the show.

The special part came after the show. I had parked around back and walked out where I saw a bus. Putting two and two together, I went over and saw the entire roster come out of the arena. I got a handshake from Gargano, Ciampa and Nakamura, all of whom were taking pictures with kids. They all came off as incredibly nice and polite before getting on the bus. Heavy Machinery was talking to fans on the other side of the crowd. Most of the wrestlers waved with Roode completely ignoring us (as he should have done) and Joe doing his hand pose and sporting a big ice pack on his knee.

Overall it was a fun night despite having a pretty toned down card. The ticket was only $22 with floor seats going for $75, meaning it was far from an expensive night. I had a good time and meeting the champions was a major highlight. Check out the NXT house shows if you can as it’s a lot of fun for a cheap price.


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