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Date: March 3, 2020
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Joe Galli, Stu Bennett

The Crockett Cup is starting to look and that could mean things are starting to pick up. We still have over a month to go before the show but Marty Scurll is coming for the NWA World Title, which could make for a heck of a title match. The tournament is coming up as well so let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Sean Mooney previews the show, including two title matches.

TV Title: Zicky Dice vs. Ricky Starks

Dice is challenging and takes Starks to the mat without much trouble. Starks gets knocked down again and this time Dice wraps his ribs around the post. Back in and the chinlock doesn’t last long so Dice chokes on the ropes instead. A Falcon Arrow gives Starks two but Dice hits the Snake Rattle and Roll. Starks is in the ropes at two so Dice walks around and points to his head. The Stroke is loaded up, but Dice backdrops him over and sits down for the pin and the title at 5:08.

Result: Zicky Dice b. Ricky Starks – Rollup (5:08)

Before we can get a word from Dice, Thom Latimer comes out to yell at Galli about Kamille speaking next week.

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We see clips of the Crockett Cup press conference with Scurll and Aldis both promised to win.

The Question Mark and….a Mongrovian ventriloquist dummy talk about the Mongrovian flag.

We look at Trevor Murdoch beating Question Mark but getting beaten down by Mark and Aron Stevens.

Stevens and Mark want the Tag Team Titles so they call out the Rock N Roll Express. Stevens suggests that the Express lay down for a spot in one of his movies, but that’s not happening. They’ll fight next week though.

We look at Kamille attacking Allysin Kay last week and then staring down Thunder Rosa.

Dawsons vs. Caleb Konley/CW Anderson

Texas tornado rules and losers leave town. The Dawsons jump them from behind to start and the fight is on in a hurry. Konley slugs away at Zane and hits a running dropkick in the corner. Dave and Anderson take their place with CW hitting a crossbody for two. The Dawsons clean house and hit a double release suplex for two on Anderson.

A side slam/neckbreaker combination gets the same on Konley but the Dawsons get sent into each other, setting up a middle rope double dropkick from Konley. Dave is back with a splash in the corner and a Boss Man Slam gets two on Anderson. A low bridging sends Dave outside and there’s a suicide dive from Konley. That leaves Anderson to bust Zane’s spine, setting up Konley’s moonsault for the pin at 4:38.

Result: Caleb Konley/CW Anderson b. Dawsons – Moonsault to Zane (4:38)

We look back at the Pope buying off the Bouncers to jump Eddie Kingston.

Here are May Valentine and Sal Rinauro, the latter of whom is helping her with her new vlog and her new lingerie line. Sal sees his broken arm as his lucky break because he wouldn’t have gotten to me May’s friend. She’s going to shoot an episode of the vlog right here, but here’s Royce Isaacs to go after Rinauro’s good arm. May stops him and leaves with Rinauro.

Pope is fired up and talks about how the Bouncers are going to go win the Tag Team Titles so they can shine like he does. The Beer City Bruiser is ready to win the titles and drink all night long.

Tag Team Titles: Bouncers vs. Eli Drake/James Storm

The Bouncers are challenging with Pope in their corner while Drake and Storm have Eddie Kingston. Drake and Milonas start things off with Eli hurting his back on a slam attempt. Milonas sends him to the apron but Drake comes back in with a slingshot shoulder. That just earns Drake a shot to the face and it’s Bruiser coming in to hammer away. It doesn’t last long though as Storm comes in, only to get taken down as well. Milonas hits a splash and takes his shirt off, which does not seem to please the fans.

Bruiser does his non-existent bite and Milonas comes in to sit on Storm’s chest in the corner. Storm enziguris his way to freedom though and it’s back to Drake for the fast paced house cleaning. Everything breaks down and Storm dives onto Bruiser on the floor. The Bouncers crush Drake with a double standing splash for two but Drake is back in with a sunset bomb to Milonas. A double slam puts Milonas down again and it’s the Last Call into the E-Li-Drake elbow for the pin on Bruiser at 8:39.

Result: Eli Drake/James Storm b. Bouncers – Jumping elbow to Beer City Bruiser (8:39)

Pope runs from Kingston to end the show.

Roll credits.


Zicky Dice b. Ricky Starks – Rollup
Caleb Konley/CW Anderson b. Dawsons – Moonsault to Zane
Eli Drake/James Storm b. Bouncers – Jumping elbow to Bruiser

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