Impact Wrestling
Date: April 18, 2024
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

It’s the last show before Rebellion and the show is mostly set. As tends to be the case around here though, there is a good chance to add in something at the last minute, perhaps on the Kickoff Show. In addition, the Motor City Machine Guns are getting a Tag Team Title shot against the System. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Hammerstone vs. Guido

The rest of the FBI is at ringside and Josh Alexander is on commentary. Hammerstone throws him into the corner to start and easily blocks a single leg attempt. Guido cuts off a charge with a raised boot but Hammerstone runs him over again. The rest of the FBI offer a distraction so Guido hammers away, only to get launched to the floor off the kickout. Back in and Hammerstone puts Alexander’s headgear on Guido, setting up the torture rack for the win at 4:09.

Result: Hammerstone b. Guido – Torture rack (4:09)

Ash By Elegance is going to be ringside for the Knockouts Title match at Rebellion. Xia Brookside comes in to say she’s got a match with Ash next week, which doesn’t please Ash.

We look back at Steph de Lander, with help from Matt Cardona, putting Jordynne Grace through a table last week.

Grace has heard that Cardona has hurt but she knows de Lander will have a trick up her sleeve. Grace will have one too.

Joe Hendry vs. LSG

Before the match, Hendry promises to make Rich Swann say uncle at Rebellion. As in Uncle Phil, where did you get that hideous gear? They fight over arm control to start until Hendry powers him up for a fireman’s carry drop. The Standing Ovation finishes for Hendry at 1:46.

Result: Joe Hendry b. LSG – Standing Ovation (1:46)

Video on the Motor City Machine Guns vs. the System for the Tag Team Titles later tonight. The Guns have been having tension and it’s time to show they can still do it. The winners get Speedball Mountain at Rebellion.

Grizzled Young Vets/Mustafa Ali vs. Jake Something/Cody Deaner/Rhino

Rhino is a mystery partner after Deaner polled the fans on if it should be 3-2 or 3-3. Something powers Gibson around to start and it’s off to Rhino to stay on the arm. The villains are sent to the floor and we take an early break. Back with the Vets double teaming Deaner, including a spinwheel kick to the face. A backbreaker gives Drake two and we hit the chinlock. Ali comes in for his neckbreaker and the chinlock sequel goes on.

It’s back to Drake but Deaner slips over to Rhino to pick up the pace. Everything breaks down and Something launches Deaner onto Gibson with Ali having to make the save. Drake has to save Ali from Something and it’s a bunch of dives to take Something down. All three go after Deaner and stomp him down in the corner, only to have Rhino make the save. Deaner fights up and catches Ali on top but gets sunset bombed down. The 450 gives Ali the pin at 12:13.

Result: Grizzled Young Vets/Mustafa Ali b. Jake Something/Cody Deaner/Rhino – 450 to Deaner (12:13)

Steve Maclin promises to make his mark at Rebellion despite not being on the card.

Eric Young talks to the Sickness version of himself and thinks he might need him at Rebellion. Young is scared of what he’ll become if gives in to the violence. The masked man takes the mask off to reveal Young and violence is promised.

Rosemary vs. Jody Threat

Havok and Dani Luna are here too. Threat slugs away to start and knocks her into the corner for some early clotheslines. Rosemary is back up with a dropkick, setting up the Upside Down. A German suplex sets up a Last Chancery but Threat is out in a hurry. The pump kick rocks Rosemary and a hard clothesline gets two. Something like an STO puts Rosemary down but she pops right back up. The other two get on the apron for a distraction and Rosemary hits a spear for the pin at 7:40.

Result: Rosemary b. Jody Threat – Spear (7:40)

We get more from Jonathan Gresham’s therapy session where he talks about hiding behind his mask. Everyone makes him do it, but the group leader doesn’t want him to. Then he sits next to someone in the octopus mask.

Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs. System

The System, with Alisha Edwards, is defending. Shelley ducks a chop to start so Eddie grabs a headlock instead. With that going nowhere, it’s off to Myers vs. Sabin, with the Gunns quickly taking over. Stereo kicks to the chest have Myers down and we take an early break.

Back with Eddie sending Shelley into the corner, only to get sent into the other corner. The Gunns take turns working on the leg, with Sabin tying it in the ropes for a dropkick to the knee. Shelley grabs the Figure Four and Sabin gets one on Myers at the same time. Both of them are broken up and Alisha gets in a distraction, allowing Myers to take over on Shelley. The chinlock goes on for a bit and we take another break.

Back again with Eddie grabbing a front facelock as the slow beating continues. Eddie gets up and knocks Sabin to the floor, just as Shelley gets over for the attempted tag. Said tag goes through a few seconds later, with Sabin coming in off a high crossbody. Everything breaks down again and Sabin hits a heck of a suicide dive.

Back in and Sabin superkicks Shelley by mistake, allowing Myers to hit the running knee to leave everyone down. The Backpack Stunner/top rope elbow combination gets two on Sabin but the Roster Cut is countered into a rollup for two. The Skull and Bones is loaded up but Alisha offers a distraction, meaning it’s the Roster Cut into the Boston Knee Party to retain at 22:06.

Result: The System b. Motor City Machine Guns – Boston Knee Party to Shelley (22:06)

Here is Nic Nemeth for a chat. Nemeth talks about going to Las Vegas to face the System…and here is Moose to interrupt. They argue over whether or not Nemeth is going to be able to finally win the big one, but Nemeth has heard this far too many times. Nemeth promises to win the title and they glare at each other to wrap it up.

A big Rebellion package wraps up the show.

Hammerstone b. Guido – Torture rack
Joe Hendry b. LSG – Standing Ovation
Mustafa Ali/Grizzled Young Vets b. Jake Something/Cody Deaner/Rhino – 450 to Deaner
Rosemary b. Jody Threat – Spear
System b. Motor City Machine Guns – Boston Knee Party to Sabin

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