Intimidation Games
Date: March 2, 2019
Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Attendance: 2,200
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

It’s time for another live special as MLW certainly doesn’t take its time getting to these things. This time around we have World Champion Tom Lawlor defending against former champion Low Ki in a cage, which should last a bit longer than last time’s short title match. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Bocchini has to talk over the ring announcer hyping things up.

Jim Cornette is now on commentary.

Laredo Kid/Taurus vs. Lucha Bros

Pentagon and Taurus start things off as Cornette is already praising everything he can find. Taurus dares to block CERO MIEDO so Fenix comes in to kick him in the head. Everything breaks down with Kid springboarding in for a missile dropkick, followed by an Asai moonsault onto Pentagon. Taurus isn’t about to be outdone as he hits a corkscrew dive for good measure.

Fenix moonsaults onto both of them but Taurus headbutts the heck out of Pentagon to knock him silly. That leaves Fenix to get double teamed inside but Pentagon is right back in to make a save. Fenix is back in with the springboard kick to the face and a Superman forearm in the corner. The wheelbarrow splash gets two on Taurus and it’s off to the double submission but the Bros have to let them go.

Pentagon and Laredo Kid chop it out and we take a break. Back with Taurus striking away at Pentagon and somewhat connecting with a spinning top rope crossbody. Fenix is right back in with more kicks to Taurus’ head but has to slug it out with Kid in the corner.

Kid kicks Fenix down but gets caught on top with a kick from Pentagon. Taurus is right there with a powerbomb to send Pentagon onto Fenix, setting up a 450 onto the Lucha Bros pile. The Contra logo pops up as the Bros are right back up with more kicks. Rich: “It’s hard to tell which team is in control at the moment.” Cornette: “YOU THINK???” The spike Fear Factor to Kid with Fenix diving onto Taurus is enough for the pin at 10:58.

Result: Lucha Bros b. Laredo Kid/Taurus – Spike Fear Factor to Kid (10:58)

Post match Fenix thanks everyone involved and says this is his life.

Video on Jimmy Havoc, who is back soon.

The Hart Foundation invokes the Freebird Rule in regards to…well the only thing that the Freebird Rule applies to.

Cornette explains the Freebird Rule.

Battle Riot II Control Center. The show, featuring their forty man Royal Rumble style match, is on April 5 and so far Pentagon Jr., Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Pro Wrestling Noah’s Minoru Tanaka.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Richard Holliday want a shot at the Tag Team Titles. I mean, they haven’t teamed together before so they sound like viable contenders to me. Friedman calls out the Harts for being lame because the Friedmans are a much more important family.

Salina de la Renta says Low Ki isn’t talking and promises revenge tonight.

The fans want wrestling, likely because it’s been a long time since the first match ended.

MLW World Title: Tom Lawlor vs. Low Ki

Lawlor is defending and it’s pinfall/submission/escape. Low Ki jumps him before the bell and the door is locked with Lawlor in early trouble. As the Contra logo comes up again, the announcers talk about the 46lb weight difference which should give Low Ki the speed advantage. Lawlor comes back and starts in on the arm, including a Pentagon Jr. snap.

Low Ki is right back up and sends him into the cage. A high heeled shoe from Salina goes into Lawlor’s ribs and it’s time to start the kicks to the chest. Some rams into the cage get two and we hit the abdominal stretch. Lawlor comes back with a suplex but Low Ki knees him in the head on the way down for a counter that the announcers miss. Lawlor’s powerbomb is countered with another shot to the head and a jumping stomp to the chest gets two.

Low Ki misses a kick to the face so Lawlor plants him with a spinning belly to back faceplant. An ankle lock has Low Ki in trouble but he’s out fast enough. That lets him grab a roll of quarters but Lawlor knocks it out of his hands. Lawlor goes for a climb but gets caught in a choke from behind. That’s enough for Low Ki to get above him and stand on top, with Lawlor shaking the cage to crotch him.

Both guys sit on top of the cage for the slugout with Lawlor getting his second leg over. Low Ki does the same and they start kicking at each other instead of dropping the four feet down to the floor to win. Low Ki’s arm is tied in the cage but Lawlor climbs horizontally away from him to throw more kicks. They ram each other into the cage as the fans aren’t exactly sure why this is still going. With nothing else to do and logic kicking in, stereo slams into the cage puts them both down with Lawlor hitting the ground first to retain at 15:01.

Result: Tom Lawlor b. Low Ki – Lawlor escaped the cage (15:01)

Post match Simon Gotch and two unnamed guys (one is Samoan) come in and beat Lawlor down. Rich thinks this is the work of Salina but she and Low Ki are both long gone. The Samoan goes to the top of the cage for the Superfly Splash. The fans are very impressed as Gotch pulls out a CONTRA flag to cover Lawlor to end the show.

If you like the sound of this, you can watch the full show for free right here:

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