Main Event
Date: May 2, 2019
Location: Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky
Commentators: Renee Young, Byron Saxton, David Otunga

Oh dear. Do we really have to do this one? After this week’s rather horrible Raw and Smackdown, I’m scared to see what we could be getting in the way of highlights. There aren’t many good things to look at and I have a bad feeling that WWE will want to focus on the less than thrilling stuff. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Heath Slater vs. Mojo Rawley

Rawley now has paint around his eye. The fans remind Mojo that he has kids and suggest that they want Ryder (this is the arena where Mojo turned on Ryder and the fans always remind him) as he hits a corner splash. Slater gets knocked outside and a running charge drives him into the barricade. Back in and the running right hand in the corner sets up the Alabama Slam to finish Slater at 2:44. Slater had no offense.

Result: Mojo Rawley b. Heath Slater – Alabama Slam (2:44)

We look at Kevin Owens turning on New Day last week.

From Smackdown.

Michael Cole brings Kofi Kingston to the ring to start things off. We look at Kofi’s performance in the Elimination Chamber and the second gauntlet match. Kofi talks about how none of this happens without Big E. and Xavier Woods because they proved that the impossible is possible. Cole calls the win over Daniel Bryan maybe the greatest Wrestlemania moment ever and we see a clip of the title win.

Kofi calls it the greatest moment of his life, next to the birth of his children and his wedding day. With that comes people gunning for him though, which leads us to a clip of Kevin Owens attacking him last week. Kofi agrees that he probably should have seen this coming but the New Day believes in letting people change if they want to. At the end of the day though, Kevin Owens is going to be Kevin Owens.

If Owens wanted a title shot, all he had to do is ask. Last week, Kevin said he was coming for the title so let him come, say at Money in the Bank. This brings out Owens, who says challenge accepted. Owens talks about how the moment from Wrestlemania is fleeting and everyone knows Kofi isn’t championship material. Cue Woods to jump Owens from behind but Owens superkicks him down, leaving Kofi to chase him off.

The champ isn’t happy:

From later in the night.

It’s time for the Kevin Owens Show, but there is now no set with just a pair of chairs. Owens points out the lack of a set but it’s ok because he is the show. At Money in the Bank, he will take away the burden of being WWE Champion from Kofi Kingston because it belongs to him. That brings us to his guest, but there is no Xavier Woods.

Owens expected this to be the case, so he brings out a Xavier action figure. It was part of a pack though so there is also a Big E. figure, complete with a cast around his leg. Owens puts them in the chair and then kicks it over. He knows what is in their mind and heart….but here’s Kofi for the brawl. Kingston throws him over the announcers’ table but gets raked in the eyes, allowing Owens to bail to end the show.

This isn’t going to help things:

Cesaro vs. Cedric Alexander

Rematch from last week’s Raw. Cesaro runs him over for an early two and it’s off to a quickly broken chinlock. A slam cuts Cedric off and it’s a chinlock to keep him down. Some stomps to the head have Cedric in trouble until he comes back with some chops. Those just earn him an uppercut and another chinlock, followed by a big boot for two.

It’s time to crank on the arm, which seems a little out of place. Cedric fights up for his spinning elbow to the head but the Neuralizer is blocked with an elbow to the back. Cesaro doesn’t follow up fast enough though and gets caught by a middle rope dropkick. A whip into the corner sets up a rollup to give Cedric the pin at 5:05.

Result: Cedric Alexander b. Cesaro – Rollup (5:05)

From Smackdown again.

Roman Reigns vs. B Team

Elias is guest referee on the floor. Reigns powers out of Dallas’ headlock but gets punched into the corner by Axel. Reigns fights out of the corner without much effort though and gets two off the Samoan drop. A quick Elias distraction lets Axel get in a clothesline though and we take a quick break.

Back with Reigns fighting out of a chinlock and hitting a clothesline on Dallas. Everything breaks down and a Samoan drop/DDT combination plants the B Team. The Superman Punch hits Axel for two with Elias pulling the regular referee out at two. Elias takes over as referee and the PerfectPlex gives Axel two of his own. The guitar is brought in but it’s a Superman Punch to Elias and a spear finishes Axel at 10:47.

Result: Roman Reigns b. B Team – Spear to Axel (10:47)

The spear still works:

Tamina/Alicia Fox vs. IIconics

Non-title and this is the first time Main Event has had three matches in a very long time. On the way to the ring, the IIconics make fun of Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby. Oh and the Wildcats are terrible too. Billie and Peyton can’t decide who has to start with Tamina so it’s the alternating tags to make the decision.

Peyton gets shoved down so Billie tries a waistlock and gets thrown away with ease. It’s off to Alicia, who scores with dropkicks on both champs. A sunset flip out of the corner gets two on Peyton but she drops Fox and it’s time for the pose. Tamina comes back in for a running corner splash on Billie but Peyton breaks up the Samoan drop. The big boot sets up Peyton’s running knee for the pin at 3:56.

Result: IIconics b. Tamina/Alicia Fox – Running knee to Tamina (3:56)

From Raw to wrap it up.

It’s time for the contract signing between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. Michael Cole starts the questioning by asking what a win would mean to AJ. That’s an easy one because the win is the reason AJ came here. He spent two years on Smackdown and he’s very grateful, but now it’s time to come where the really crazy fans are.

AJ has heard about Seth for two years and knows he’s a good guy, but AJ wants the Universal Title. When you want something bad enough, you’ll do some unexpected things to get it. The fans aren’t sure what to make of that so AJ goes back to the compliments by saying Seth is a winner and a champion. But how many times has it been said that Seth will be the new AJ? Not very many that I can think of, but AJ thinks it makes sense because Seth is stronger, faster and younger. Fans: “SHAVE YOUR BACK!”

The reality though is Seth will never be the next AJ Styles. Seth didn’t want to be though, because he would rather be the first Seth Freaking Rollins. The compliments are appreciated but things are different on Raw. That’s Michael Cole instead of Tom Phillips and the ropes are red. If AJ wants to take the title, he needs to be better than phenomenal.

AJ asks about Seth’s health after being a workhorse for all those months. Fans: “BURN IT DOWN!” AJ knows they’ll burn it down and then he’ll build it back up. Seth doesn’t know how much trouble he’s in because the Shield isn’t around to help him anymore. Yeah he went through a lot at Wrestlemania, but Seth doesn’t have much left.

AJ is ready to go now though and at Money in the Bank, he’s biting like a pit bull and not letting go until he’s Universal Champion. Styles signs and Seth starts talking about their differences. It’s true that AJ likes to build things up but Seth likes to burn things down. There is one thing that separates them though: Seth beat Brock Lesnar. That seems to get to AJ as Seth signs.

AJ picks up the title and slowly hands it over so Seth can hold it up. Fans: “SHAVE HIS BACK!” AJ jumps him instead and the fight is on with Seth kicking him out to the floor. There’s the suicide dive and Seth poses again, but it’s a shot to the head into the Phenomenal Forearm through the table to end the show.

It took time to work but it got great at the end:

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