Welcome home. Impact Wrestling is in an interesting place right now. They’re coming off a rather strong pay per view in Rebellion but they still have two months before they get to Slammiversary in July. At the same time though, their World Champion is banged up due to an injury in the match when he won the title. That could make for some interesting times as they tape their next television episodes.

Impact Wrestling was making their television debut in the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday night to tape a few weeks’ worth of television. There is no word on when these shows will air, but it will be at least one more week as Impact Wrestling taped a few shows earlier this week as well. Here are the results from Friday’s taping, courtesy of Ringsidenews.com:

• Xplosion: Rascalz defeat OVE.
• Xplosion: Cousin Jake Deaner defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky.
• Impact kicks off with a Women’s Battle Royal. Participants in the match include: Solo Darling, Tasha Steelz, Ashley Vox ,Karissa Rivera Kiera Hogan, Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Scarlett ,Alisha Edwards and Madison Rayne. Taya runs out and eliminates Madison. Down to Tessa, Scarlett and Keira Hogan. Tessa eliminated Hogan but then Disco runs in (was on commentary) and eliminates Tessa to win the “Knockout” battle royal.
• Demon Collar match: Su Yung vs Rosemary in a Demon Collar. Rosemary defeats Su Yung and then drags her to the back via the chain.
• Killer Kross defeated Eddie Edwards. After the match, Kross zip ties Eddie to the ropes and teases hitting him with a kendo stick but breaks it in half instead.
• Mike Elgin vs Rich Swann. Elgin is DQ’d for hitting the ref. Rich Swann is the winner. Willie Mack runs in for the save after Elgin was gonna continue to beat up Swann. Johnny Impact then runs in and beats up Mack.
• They changed the ring canvas over.
• Sami Callihan vs Fallah Bahh w/ Scarlett. Sami defeats Fallah Bahh. At one point, Scarlett took out both Crist brothers.
• Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts title. Taya retains the Knockout title via pinfall over Madison Rayne. Rosemary is out with Su Yung still tied to the chain. Rosemary motions for the title and Taya runs away.
• The North vs LAX for the IMPACT tag titles. Santana pins Alexander. LAX retain the tag titles.
• Disco Inferno vs Ashley Vox. Disco has a mic during the match. Tessa runs in. Disco runs away. No contest.
• X Division showcase 4 way. Petey Williams vs Ace Austin vs Dez vs Rohit Raju. Dez wins in a quick match.
• Main event: RVD vs Tommy Dreamer. RVD wins with a 5 star frog splash. The North run out and attack both guys. Moose is out too and attacks RVD and Dreamer. LIGHTS GO OUT. Sabu is here w/ Melissa Coats. Good guys clean house and celebrate.

In case you weren’t around. Check out what went down at Rebellion over the weekend:

Opinion: Things are starting to get better around Impact Wrestling but I’m not wild on going with another ECW angle after they have done them so often over the years. There comes a point where you shouldn’t need another company’s leftovers to carry you forward and Impact Wrestling should have passed that years ago. I’m assuming it’s just for this taping, but this isn’t the best sign.

Which of these stories interests you the most? What should Impact Wrestling do about the World Title situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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