205 Live
Date: April 30, 2019
Location: Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Aiden English, David Otunga

We’re actually on the road to Ariya Daivari vs. Tony Nese, which is the kind of thing you always hear about but never think you’ll actually see. Other than that we have the continuing issues between Drew Gulak and Humberto Carrillo, plus Mike Kanellis vs. Akira Tozawa. Hopefully the execution is better than it sounds. Let’s get to it.

Tony Nese handles our opening recap/preview and is ready to face Drew Gulak in a non-title match tonight.

Gulak says his plans for a better 205 Live can continue with a win tonight.

Opening sequence.

Lucha House Party vs. Singh Brothers

Before the match, the Singhs talk about being back to fix the division and dance a lot. They’ve been around the world for the last two years taking on World Champions and they’re the only undefeated team around here. Lince and Sumir dance at each other to start and it’s already time to work on Sumir’s arm. The announcers debate Bollywood movies as Sunil comes in and gets chopped in the corner.

A Sumir distraction lets Sunil get in a knee to the back to take over and a double suplex gets two on Dorado. Hang on though as we need to stop for more dancing. Something close to a dancing Demolition Decapitator gets no count as Dorado’s arm is underneath the rope so it’s off to the chinlock.

Sunil comes back in for a chinlock of his own until more dancing is required. Back up and the Golden Rewind is enough to set up the hot tag to Gran Metalik. The rope walk dropkick into the reverse Sling Blade gets two and it’s Dorado coming back in off a blind tag. The Brothers aren’t fooled though and hit him with a double superkick but Metalik is right back in to take over. A rope walk elbow sets up the shooting star press to finish Sumir at 9:36.

Result: Lucha House Party b. Singh Brothers – Shooting star press to Sumir (9:36)

They belong here:

Humberto Carrillo comes in to see Drake Maverick, who suggests that Humberto steer clear of Drew Gulak. Jack Gallagher comes in and says he’ll be medically cleared in two weeks, when they happen to be in London. He offers a handshake to Carrillo in a rather polite challenge for a match at some point in the future.

Brian Kendrick comes out for a match but here’s Mike Kanellis to jump him from behind. Akira Tozawa runs in for the save.

For the sake of future combat:

Ariya Daivari talks about being undefeated this year, which has put him in line for a Cruiserweight Title shot. Tonight, he’s going to enjoy seeing Gulak stretch Nese.

Next week: Tozawa vs. Kanellis in a no disqualification match.

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

Non-title. Nese takes him down by the arm to start but Gulak pulls him down into a pinfall reversal sequence for a few near falls. Back up and Nese starts firing off the strikes for two more, sending Gulak bailing outside for a breather. That means the big Fosbury Flop to drop Gulak for two back inside as it’s almost all Nese in the early going. They get back inside where Drew can start pulling on the arm but a knee to the face gets the champ out of trouble.

It’s too early for the running knee in the corner though so Gulak takes him outside for a slam onto the apron to bang up the back. A backbreaker gives Gulak two as it’s time to start picking Nese apart piece by piece. Gulak’s hammerlock is broken up though and Nese sets him on top for a running palm strike.

There’s a jumping hurricanrana to bring Gulak back down and they’re both in need of a breather with Nese favoring his knee. Nese scores with a spinwheel kick into a Lionsault for two, meaning frustration has begun. The Gulock is broken up and they fall to the floor for a double knockdown. Nese sends him into various things and hits a suplex to make it even worse. Back in and the pumphandle driver gives Nese two so he heads up.

Gulak catches him up there though, setting up a super gutbuster (Perhaps a tribute to the recently gone Dean Malenko?) for two more. A slugout goes to the champ but the 450 only hits mat. Now the Gulock can go on full but Nese manages to slip his head out. A hard running clothesline gives Gulak two more and it’s time for another Gulak. This one never even goes on as Nese pops up with a superkick into a German suplex into the corner. The running knee gives Nese the pin at 17:21.

Result: Tony Nese b. Drew Gulak – Running knee (17:21)

The champ was feeling it:

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