Main Event
Date: February 27, 2020
Location: Bell MTS Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Mickie James

The Wrestlemania season is in full build, but so are the Super ShowDown and Elimination Chamber builds. That can cause a bit of a problem as there is so much stuff going on at once and they might not be able to make everything work at once. Main Event has surprised me before, but I would be surprised with a surprise. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

No Way Jose vs. Shelton Benjamin

Jose starts fast by taking him into the corner and snapping off an armdrag to the floor. That means a quick beatdown of the Conga Line, plus a little bit on Jose as well. Back in and Shelton grabs an armbar but Jose fights up and hits a splash in the corner. A fireman’s carry flapjack gets two so Jose goes up, only to dive into a cross armbreaker for the fast tap at 4:35.

Result: Shelton Benjamin b. No Way Jose – Cross armbreaker (4:35)

From Raw.

Here are Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman for a chat. The Canadian fans are happy to see their honorary Lesnar but Heyman cuts them off with his usual introduction. Heyman talks about how wrestlers are always trying to make catchphrases for themselves but Lesnar has never needed one. All Lesnar has to do is decide to be champion and no one can stop him. Lesnar getting in the ring is special and that’s what you’ll be seeing on Thursday at Super ShowDown. He owes Ricochet an uppercut and since Lesnar is wrestling, it is special by definition.

The stakes on Thursday have never been higher though, but why is that the case? If Ricochet can pull off the miracle, he is going on to face Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania and the consequences are huge, if that happens. Heyman: “If my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle, but she is not!” (that one cracked Lawler up). Lesnar is going to wreck McIntyre at Wrestlemania and be champion forever. And that is a spoiler.

He doesn’t sound happy:

From Raw again.

We get a sitdown interview with Drew McIntyre, who isn’t scared about Brock Lesnar because he’s main eventing Wrestlemania. Drew talks about debuting in 2009 (which he says was thirteen years ago) and how he hasn’t won a single World Title since that time. He lost his passion, which included his time in 3MB. Then he got fired and it put a chip on his shoulder, but he knew he could only blame himself. He wasn’t about to let people remember him as the idiot playing air guitar.

When McIntyre came back, he came back to NXT, which was where he could be a leader. Then he debuted on Raw in 2018, four years to the day since he was released. He’s been called the future but then he was a past superstar without ever being the present. That’s why he knew he had to eliminate Lesnar and now he’s going to Wrestlemania to fulfill his destiny.

The future is here:

Video on Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler.

From Raw.

All six women’s Elimination Chamber participants, save for Baszler, are in the ring for a contract signing. Asuka counts the participants but realizes there’s one missing. Lawler continues anyway, with Sarah Logan, Natalya, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott (who nearly comes to blows with Morgan) and Asuka all sign, which draws out Baszler through the crowd. Lawler wisely leaves as Shayna and Natalya are about to fight, but Asuka breaks it up.

Asuka tells Shayna to bite her but Natalya takes Asuka down and the fight is on, with Liv diving over the table to get at Riott. Shayna is eventually left alone so here’s Becky to take her down. Officials break it up in a hurry.

Who would have seen this coming:

24/7 Title: Riddick Moss vs. Cedric Alexander

Moss is defending and throws Cedric down with ease. A running shoulder drops him again but Cedric is right back with clotheslines and elbows. That sends Moss outside for a kick from the apron but Alexander’s slingshot is knocked out of the air back inside. We take a break and come back with Moss cranking on a waistlock. That’s broken up for a double stomp to the back of Moss’ head and a running dropkick to the same spot. The springboard Downward Spiral gives Cedric two but the Neuralizer misses, allowing Moss to hit a Rock Bottom to retain at 9:50.

Result: Riddick Moss b. Cedric Alexander – Rock Bottom (9:50)

From Smackdown.

Here’s Goldberg for a chat. He’s glad to be back and whatever the Fiend is, he’s ready. Cue the Firefly Fun House with Bray doing some construction. Bray wants Goldberg to get to know his friends, including most of the cast. There is one person left though….and the lights go out. The Fiend is here but Goldberg is smart enough to turn around and spear him.  Goldberg loads up another one but the lights go out again and Fiend disappears to end the show, complete with Fiendish laughter.

Call it a preview:

And from Raw to wrap it up.

Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

Owens pounds away to start but the threat of hit the Cannonball sends Orton outside. Cue Rollins and company for the distraction though and Owens is sent into the barricade as we take a break. Back with both of them down and the Profits and Viking Raiders running in for the big brawl. They fight to the crowd with everyone else, leaving Owens to get crotched on top.

Owens knocks him off anyway and hits the Swanton. Rollins is back though and Owens has to knock him off the apron, allowing Orton to come back with a clothesline. Another Rollins distraction lets Orton hit the hanging DDT….for a very fast counted pin at 8:10. Even Orton looks confused by what happened but he’ll take it.

Result: Randy Orton b. Kevin Owens – Hanging DDT with a fast count (8:10)

Post match Rollins throws Orton some chairs but Owens pucks one up. The referee pulls it away so Owens grabs him and opens the referee’s shirt to reveal a Seth Rollins shirt. That means a Stunner to the referee and a powerbomb through a table ends the show.

That cheater:

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