Try something new. There may not be a more controversial WWE Champion in history than Jinder Mahal. He went from a low level comedy wrestler to leaving the company to coming back to the World Title. That is a heck of a transformation and something that did not go over so well with all of the fans. Mahal did not quite have the background to support the push, but now we might be seeing a different path for him.

It is easy to see why WWE has given Mahal such a push. WWE is trying to make its way into India and Mahal is of Indian descent. It makes sense to have WWE push the heck out of him and see how well it can work, but the first attempt didn’t play out as well as WWE was hoping for. This time around though, they might be trying to take him in another direction.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE might be considering pushing Mahal as a face. Mahal’s major heel run did not make him a star in India, where he was supposed to be a hero. WWE may attempt pushing him as a top face instead, with the hopes of Mahal catching fire in India. There is no word on when or if WWE would try something like this, though Mahal has only been back from his knee surgery for a few weeks.

Mahal is back. Check out how that has gone so far:

Opinion: This is a situation where you kind of have to deal with it. WWE is very wise to try and break into the Indian market, but I’m not sure if Mahal is the person to make it work. That being said, it’s not like there are a ton of top level options so pushing him is probably their best best. Now if only they could come up with a better way to push him here in America.

What do you think of Mahal? Will he be World Champion again? Let us know in the comments below.

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