Cowboy talk. A lot of people might not realize it but James Storm has been around for nearly twenty years. He was around for the tail end of WCW and is still going strong in Global Force Wrestling. Back after a cup of coffee in NXT, he’s returned to the place where he had his greatest success and he has some stuff to say.

Storm was recently interviewed by the Sporting News where he discussed a variety of topics, including his time in NXT, what he wanted from the DCC and why it failed, a potential Hall of Fame induction and Impact Wrestling going on the road. Here are some highlights with transcription courtesy of

On a Potential Hall of Fame Induction:

“I have no idea how that was even brought up,” Storm said. “I think the Hall of Fame is meant for people who are pretty much done wrestling. Not even winding down their career, those who are pretty much done. I’m not done by any means. I’ve gotten in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I feel great because of the schedule that Impact has been running and I could go another five, six years at least. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I’m just saying I’ve got good runs left in me.”

James Storm Road Stories | #IMPACTLive Returns in August

On His NXT Run

“With the schedule of NXT and he was telling me we’re going to try and run 100-120 shows from here on out throughout the year and stuff. It’s all great and everything but where I was, personally, in my life, I couldn’t be on the road that much because I had some family problems, my wife wanted to have another kid. So, it was one of those things where it wasn’t the right timing for me. Hunter straight up told me, ‘Go get your life together. This is my number. Maybe in two years, we can do business again.”

And on Why the DCC Failed

“There’s a lot of reasons (it didn’t work) but the No. 1 reason that I want to stay is because it wasn’t done the way that I had pitched it and wanted it to be.”

You can read the full interview here:

Opinion: Storm is one of the more entertaining characters in Global Force Wrestling and one of their most consistent performers. I was interested in seeing him in NXT but he’s one of the few instances where he might be a better fit in Global Force Wrestling than underneath the WWE umbrella. Maybe that will change later but for now I like him where he is.

Are you a Storm fan? Where do you think he fits best? Let us know in the comments below.


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