Impact Wrestling
Date: November 2, 2023
Location: 02 Academy, Glasgow, Scotland
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

We’re done with Bound For Glory and ready for a different kind of show after last week’s abridged version of the pay per view. This week’s show is also from the European tour, which should give us a bit of a different feeling. It’s also the go home show for Turning Point, which takes place tomorrow night. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan welcome us to the show and apparently this is going to be clips of matches from the UK tour rather than a regular show.

Glasgow Cup: Joe Hendry vs. Frankie Kazarian

This is the finals of a one night four man tournament. Hendry (who beat Rich Swann in the first round as opposed to Leon Slater for Kazarian) says his future is bright but he needs to win this match to prove that he belongs. Feeling out process to start with Hendry grabbing a headlock and getting absolutely nowhere.

Kazarian takes him down into a front facelock but Hendry powers it into the corner for the break. Back up and Kazarian grabs a headlock takeover until Hendry powers up again without much effort. Hendry takes his time going up though and gets shoved out to the floor as we take a break.

We come back with Kazarian hitting the springboard spinning legdrop for two, setting up another front facelock. Kazarian cradles him for two and hits a clothesline but it’s too early for the chickenwing. That’s reversed into another suplex, followed by Hendry’s fall away slam. Hendry faceplants him into a cutter for two. Kazarian grabs Fade To Black for two of his own and they trade rollups until Hendry gets the pin at 12:57.

Result: Joe Hendry b. Frankie Kazarian – Rollup (12:57)

Scott D’Amore comes out to award Hendry the cup.

Deonna Purrazzo, Brian Myers and Moose are ready to take out Subculture.

Joe Hendry is happy with his win and wants more.

Subculture vs. Moose/Brian Myers/Deonna Purrazzo

Webster and Myers start things off and spend a good while posing at each other. Myers runs him over with a shoulder but gets armdragged down for his efforts. Everything breaks down and Luna flips both of them into moonsaults onto Myers for two. Purrazzo comes in and is promptly suplexed, allowing the tag off to Moose. Luna can’t quite power him around so it’s off to Andrews as we take a break.

Back with Moose crotching Andrews on top and Purrazzo comes in for a hard clothesline. Stomping ensues in the corner as Rehwoldt is NOT happy with the fans yelling at Myers. Purrazzo breaks up a tag attempt and Myers grabs a chinlock. Andrews finally fights his way to freedom and it’s Luna coming back in to pick up the pace.

Everything breaks down and a triple bomb out of the corner gets a collective two on Moose. Purrazzo Fujiwara armbars Luna until Andrews makes a delayed save. We hit the parade of strikes to the face and everyone is left laying. Andrews Stundog Millionaires Moose and the women crash out to the floor. That leaves Moose to spear Andrews for the pin at 15:43.

Result: Moose/Brian Myers/Deonna Purrazzo – Spear to Andrews (15:43)

Josh Alexander and Eric Young don’t get along but they’re ready for tonight’s main event.

Grado vs. Trey Miguel

Grado avoids a charge to start and dances around as the fans seem to approve. An early chinlock doesn’t get Grado very far so he shoulders Miguel over and steps on his back. Miguel sends him into the corner where Grado flips upside down and mocks him a little bit. This time Miguel sends him outside but Grado grabs an armbar and lets the fans get in some slaps.

Back in and Miguel hits an elbow to the face but Grado nails a Bionic Elbow. A superkick and moonsault give Miguel two, only to have Grado run him over again. The Wee Boot is blocked so Grado grabs a small package for two, followed by the boot connecting for the pin at 8:41.

Result: Grado b. Trey Miguel – Wee Boot (8:41)

Eddie Edwards is ready for Will Ospreay at Turning Point.

Trinity vs. Emersyn Jayne

Non-title. Jayne is billed as the Mother Teresa of Workrate but Trinity kicks her down and drops a leg for two. Trinity’s sliding slap is blocked so she kicks Jayne in the head instead. Jayne is back up with the sliding German suplex to take over and a snap suplex gets two. A northern lights suplex gives Jayne two more but Trinity shrugs it off and hits the bulldog onto the middle buckle. The Rear View gets another near fall but Jayne plants her down for the same. That’s enough for Trinity, who kicks her in the head and grabs a Bubba Bomb into a rollup for the pin at 7:09.

Result: Trinity b. Emersyn Jayne – Rollup (7:09)

We look at the whole UK tour.

Trinity is ready to beat Deonna Purrazzo for the last time at Turning Point.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Josh Alexander/Eric Young

Shelley and Alexander start things off and we get a quick handshake. They fight over wrist control with neither being able to get very far. Shelley’s arm crank sends Alexander to the rope but the C4 Spike and Border City Stretch are both broken up. Shelley bails out to the floor so it’s off to Young and Sabin. More wrist battling doesn’t get either of them anywhere but it gets us to a break.

Back with the Guns knocking them to the floor but Alexander comes in to kick Shelley in the face. The front facelock goes on though Shelley is right back out. Alexander can’t get the ankle lock either so Shelley snaps off a dragon screw legwhip. The Guns take over on Alexander’s leg in the corner and another dragon screw legwhip gives Sabin two. We take another break and come back with Sabin still on the leg and the fans cheering for Young.

Stereo Figure Fours have the Canadians in trouble but both of them are broken up. Alexander gets a quick fisherman’s buster and the tag brings Young in to clean house. Everything breaks down and Alexander rolls some German suplexes but the C4 Spike is countered with a hurricanrana.

A running kick to the face gets two as Young makes a save. The missile dropkick/Downward Spiral combination hits Alexander for two but he’s back with a Sharpshooter on Sabin. The rope is grabbed so Sabin Cradle Shocks Alexander. Young is back in with the top rope elbow to Sabin but the lack of Young being legal lets Sabin kick out. Sabin is back with another Cradle Shock to Young for the pin at 20:23.

Result: Motor City Machine Guns b. Josh Alexander/Eric Young – Cradle Shock to Young (20:23)

Joe Hendry b. Frankie Kazarian – Cradle
Moose/Brian Myers/Deonna Purrazzo b. Subculture – Spear to Andrews
Grado b. Trey Miguel – Wee Boot
Trinity b. Emersyn Jayne – Rollup
Motor City Machine Guns b. Eric Young/Josh Alexander – Cradle Shock to Young

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