Impact Wrestling
Date: January 19, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

We’re done with Hard To Kill and the big story seems to be Kenny Omega being primed up for a shot against Impact Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann. I’m not sure when that could be taking place as Impact is off pay per view until late April, but maybe they have something in mind. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Hard To Kill.

After the show ended, Don Callis praised Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers on their win. Callis stopped to talk to the camera though, saying it was a good example of what the Invisible Hand can do. He and Omega are heading back to Jacksonville, but they’ll be back.

Opening sequence.

Eric Young vs. Rhino

Young has Deaner and Joe Doering while Rhino has Cousin Jake. Rhino knocks him down to start and it’s time for Young to take a breather on the floor. Jake isn’t having that and throws Young back inside, where he gets in a quick low blow to take over. The jumping stomps ensue and we hit the neck crank to keep Rhino down. Commentary compares AEW invading to the Monday Night Wars as Rhino fights out and throws Young down for a breather. That’s enough to have Deaner get up for a distraction and Doering comes in for a cheap shot to Rhino’s leg. A heel hook makes Rhino tap at 4:03.

Result: Eric Young b. Rhino – Heel hook (4:03)

Post match Young and company beat Rhino down and Pillmanize his leg while making Jake watch.

Here’s a recap of Hard To Kill and a chat about how important the main event was.

After Hard To Kill was over, Moose attacked Rich Swann.

Swann is ready to prove he is the World Champion.

Acey Romero and John E. Bravo talk to Tommy Dreamer, saying that Larry D. is being framed. They have found matching fingerprints on both the Ring Rust cologne and the gun. Dreamer is intrigued.

Here are the Good Brothers for a chat. They’re awesome you see and are going to be Tag Team Champions for as long as they want. It’s always going to be the Magic Killer, the pin and a just too sweet….but here’s Chris Sabin to interrupt. Sabin talks about how the Good Brothers stole the Motor City Machine Guns Tag Team Titles because neither of the Guns were ever pinned. They want a rematch, but Gallows points out Sabin’s lack of a partner. Sabin does have a partner though, and here’s James Storm.

They get in the ring with Storm listing off Sabin’s resume and reciting his song lyrics as he gets in the Brothers’ faces. The challenge is thrown down….and here are Matt Hardy and Private Party (from AEW) to interrupt. Matt says that Private Party has a chance to be the second best tag team ever (after the Hardys of course).

They have a six man tag tomorrow night but tonight, Private Party can get in the ring. Matt will get 50% of the money tonight because it’s a third party and tomorrow it’s the usual 30%, meaning Matt is getting 260%! Storm says that’s some bad math and this is a private conversation.

Matt doesn’t want to hear it because he saved this company, so tonight it can Private Party challenging the Good Brothers for the Tag Team Titles. Hardy: “Those titles belong to my brother and I! Impact stripped them from us in some stupid teleportation angle!”  Gallows has a better idea: the two teams can face off tonight for a title shot. That works for Hardy, who gives Private Party a pep talk and threatens the other teams. The truth is the truth.

Matt Cardona says he’s here for an opportunity and wants to prove the fans right.

We recap the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, including Fire and Flava winning them at the pay per view.

Kaleb With A K and Tenille Dashwood seem confused with Fire and Flava come up to ask if they’re going to be there for the title celebration. Johnny Swinger comes up to offer the two for one special again. Swinger tries to get both of them at once so they bring up the stolen money. Fallah Bahh comes in to accuse everyone of being a thief but here is Brian Myers. Bahh and Myers don’t like each other and a match seems likely for later.

Kimber Lee/Susan vs. Jordynne Grace/Jazz

Deonna Purrazzo is here with Lee and Susan. It’s a brawl to start with Grace and Jazz cleaning house and Jazz getting two on Susan. The chinlock goes on and Jazz adds some crossface shots. Grace comes back in for the shoulders in the corner and takes it outside. The beating continues but Kimber grabs Grace by the hair for a takedown as we go to a break.

Back with Susan hammering on Grace and choking on the rope. Grace is fine enough to catch Susan on top but the fireman’s carry is escaped. A spinning kick to Grace’s hands in front of her face gets two and Lee chops her down in the corner. Lee misses a charge in the corner though and Grace blasts her with a clothesline.

There’s the tag off to Jazz and Susan gets one of her own. Susan’s jacket comes off but Jazz punches her into the corner anyway like a villain should. Grace hits some running knees in the corner and adds a backsplash, setting up Jazz’s DDT. Lee makes a save and argues with the referee, allowing Purrazzo to get in a belt shot so Susan can get the pin at 10:42.

Result: Kimber Lee/Susan b. Jordynne Grace/Jazz – Belt shot to Jazz (10:42)

Taya Valkyrie is asked about losing at Hard To Kill when John E. Bravo comes in to yell at her. Dreamer and Romero come in to accuse her of causing Larry D. to shoot Bravo….and she admits it. Taya shouts that she wants Bravo dead and gets taken away by police. Dreamer thinks she’s going to prison in Jacksonville, Stamford (Dreamer: “For two years with an option for three.”) of maybe Baltimore. Dreamer: “It’s finally over.”

Taya is taken away but the cops let her stop to talk to Rosemary, who isn’t happy. Rosemary says they had a plan but Taya breaks down and talks about what their friendship meant. Rosemary pulls her into a hug as Taya is escorted outside. She says this is why they don’t have friends, but here’s Crazzy Steve for a shared laugh and sneer.

It’s time for another AEW paid announcement, with Tony Schiavone telling us that this is a REAL television studio. Schiavone throws us to Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn, the former of whom hypes up Private Party vs. James Storm/Chris Sabin later tonight. We also run down the Dynamite card. Khan is proud of Matt Hardy for showing up and insists that he (Khan) is a nice guy. Hardy isn’t because he is the greediest guy in the sport and can carny Impact. Khan says he and Lynn will be at ringside tonight….and they’re backstage at Impact.

Here’s Rich Swann for a chat. On Saturday, he felt the pressure of leading Impact Wrestling into battle. That is the kind of pressure he thrives on but can you blame him for having trust issues when it comes to Moose? That’s the man who has been walking around claiming to be World Champion and the man who put his best friend on the shelf. Yes Swann’s attention has been on Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers lately, but Omega isn’t here tonight, so the schedule is wide open.

Moose can come out here right now, so here he comes. Swann looks ready to fight but Moose says don’t make mistakes when you’re too emotionally invested. Moose wants his title shot, so Swann calls him an idiot. Swann is trying to give him his title shot right now and takes the jacket off. That’s not happening because it’s on Moose’s time. Swann: “Then what the h*** are we supposed to do right now?” Swann punches him in the jaw and the fight is on, with Swann ripping off Moose’s suit. The Phoenix splash connects to send Moose scurrying.

Rohit Raju comes in to Scott D’Amore’s office and TJP follows. Raju freaks out and says TJP couldn’t challenge for the title. Scott says Manik won the title and just happens to be TJP. D’Amore: “OF COURSE HE IS! EVERYBODY KNEW THAT!” Anyway, Raju gets a match in two weeks. A happy Raju leaves because that’s all he wanted. Scott: “You think I should tell him it’s a non-title match?”

Fire and Flava have a celebration for their titles in the back with a referee as the guest. They offer him various packages to the celebration but when Havok and Nevaeh come in, the packages are suddenly sold out. The two of them get a special offer though: a package where they can watch from home.

Brian Myers vs. Fallah Bahh

Myers can’t knock Bahh down to start but Bahh can knock him down, setting up the big legdrop. As Striker asks the fans to name the legdrop for him, Bahh hits a crossbody for two. A belly to belly gets the same but Myers kicks him in the head and knocks him down. We hit the chinlock for a bit until Bahh fights up without much trouble. Bahh crushes a standing Myers in the corner and then crushes a seated Myers in the corner for two more. Hold on though as Myers claims a thumb to the eye, allowing him to get in a low blow. The running clothesline finishes Bahh at 4:12.

Result: Brian Myers b. Fallah Bahh – Running clothesline (4:12)

Ace Austin isn’t happy with how he was used at Hard To Kill because he didn’t have a match scheduled for the show. Then he tried to get into the X-Division Title match and wound up dealing with Matt Cardona, who seems to work here now. Cardona says he is always ready, but that means sitting in catering in his gear. Cue Josh Alexander to say he’s sick about hearing about Austin. Alexander is the one who is going to make sure Austin never reaches his potential. The shoving sets up the brawl with Madman Fulton getting in a cheap shot from behind. Cardona runs in for the save.

Stills from Barbed Wire Massacre from Hard To Kill.

Eddie Edwards is being checked by the doctor but here’s Brian Myers to have his eye checked. Myers says he’s more important than this backyarder so Eddie challenges him for next week.

Here’s what coming next week.

Private Party vs. James Storm/Chris Sabin

For the #1 contendership and Matt Hardy is here with Private Party. Joined in progress with Sabin avoiding an armdrag from Marq Quen but Quen makes it work the second time. A standoff sets up a handshake but Isaiah Kassidy comes in for an atomic drop to set up an enziguri. Kassidy stays in for a front facelock but Sabin slips out and flips over for the hot tag off to Storm. A Sling Blade cuts Kassidy off and Storm sends him to the apron.

The Silly String into a tornado DDT plants Storm, setting up a running enziguri in the corner. Cue Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn to sit down, with Khan holding a small notebook and smiling a lot. We take a break and come back with Quen stomping Storm down in the corner as Striker recaps everything we saw before the break. Kassidy comes in and it’s a double atomic drop into a wishbone into a double basement dropkick.

Storm flips his way out of a front facelock though and the hot tag brings in Sabin with a high crossbody. An enziguri into a tornado DDT drops Private Party and there’s a missile dropkick to Kassidy’s back for two. Quen saves Kassidy from a double suplex so Storm pulls Quen to the floor. The Backstabber hits Kassidy for two and Storm adds a neckbreaker. Quen is back with an enziguri to Storm but Sabin gives him a brainbuster.

Sabin and Kassidy slug it out until Quen kicks Kassidy over, allowing him to hit a jumping enziguri. A moonsault onto Sabin’s back gets two and Storm’s Skinning the Cat is broken up with a dropkick. Kassidy takes Storm down with a big flip dive but Jerry Lynn grabs Sabin’s foot on the ropes. The Gin and Juice (a middle rope hurricanrana into a cutter) finishes Sabin at 15:25.

Result: Private Party b. Chris Sabin/James Storm – Gin and Juice to Sabin (15:25)

Post match the Good Brothers come out for the big staredown. Sabin and Storm get back in and it’s a three way brawl to wrap up the show.


Eric Young b. Rhino – Heel hook
Kimber Lee/Susan b. Jordynne Grace/Jazz – Belt shot to Jazz
Brian Myers b. Fallah Bahh – Running clothesline
Private Party b. James Storm/Chris Sabin – Gin and Juice to Sabin

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