That’s a theory. The rise of AEW has done a lot of great things for the wrestling industry, but it has also brought back some nostalgia. For the first time in a very good while, there is another major wrestling promotion to compete with WWE. This has caused many fans to take sides between the two, but now some of them are being accused of being a bit less than genuine in their fandom.

AEW President Tony Khan has sent out a series of tweets, stating that an independent study has found that “much” of the anti-AEW online community is made up of bots rather than actual people. Khan said that someone is running a fleet of accounts which do nothing but retweet negative statements about AEW. Khan did not cite any data or say who conducted the study.

Opinion: Let’s say what Khan says is true. How exactly does this help AEW? It doesn’t bring them any new fans and is really just a way to show that people who aren’t happy with them aren’t real. I’m not sure why Khan felt the need to talk about this, especially without citing anything as proof of what he is saying. AEW has some issues it needs to deal with and this isn’t a way to fix those problems.

What do you think of Khan’s statements? What is AEW’s biggest problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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