Tony Khan

  • WATCH: Special Tribute Takes Place After AEW Dynamite

    I’d think he has earned it. There are certain wrestlers who do not seem to age no matter how long they have been around. It can make for some amazing...

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  • Triple H, NXT And Talent Cuts: What Is The Truth?

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  • AEW Wrestlers Respond To Tony Khan’s Controversial Comments

    It was going to get people talking. AEW has been a complete game changer in the wrestling world and that has been a good thing. The company is led by...

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  • Tony Khan Responds To Criticisms Of AEW’s Lack Of Diversity And Structure

    That could have gone better. AEW has come a very long way in its short history and a lot of that is due to company President Tony Khan. Fans have...

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  • Here’s What’s Next For The AEW World Title (And It Sounds Great)

    Run it back? The World Title is the main prize of any wrestling promotion. That is one of those ideas that has worked for the better part of ever in...

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  • AEW President Tony Khan Takes Harsh Shot At WWE

    He doesn’t seem to agree. The wrestling world has been changed in a lot of ways in recent years, with nothing shaking it up more than the rise of AEW....

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  • VIDEO: MJF’s Awesome Homecoming After AEW Dynamite Ends

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  • Now On The Team: AEW Officially Signs Another Former WWE Star

    Welcome to the team! There are a lot of wrestlers on the AEW roster, as the company has put together a heck of a lineup. They have a great mixture...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE’s Wacky Theory About Tony Khan And AEW Tickets

    He’s doing what? For a very long time, one of the things that wrestling fans wanted to see more than anything else was another billionaire to come along and try...

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  • AEW’s Tony Khan Offers Interesting Comments On WWE Releases

    His opinion matters. The wrestling world has changed since the rise of AEW and there is nothing to suggest that those changes are going to stop anytime soon. The company...

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