Brock Lesnar’s recent attack on Kurt Angle was a moment that many WWE fans felt was inevitable. Angle forced Lesnar’s hand by demanding that the Universal champion appear on Monday Night Raw and matters were worsened when Heyman’s WWE contract was threatened as well.

After all, The Best Incarnate has never really been interested in FairPlay and he’s certainly not easily intimidated. But the real story here is not any potential heat between Lesnar and Angle, it’s between Lesnar and Heyman.

Brock turned on Paul and not only left him for dead in the middle of the ring, but evidently severed business ties with him as well. Heyman’s August 6 interview segment with Renee Young saw Lesnar’s former advocate in tears and struggling to speak. Paul was not only upset, he was in shock.

He spoke of Brock’s newfound intensity. He also spoke about the fact that he had never seen Lesnar in that frame of mind before. When Renee asked Paul about Roman Reigns’ chances of beating Lesnar at SummerSlam on August 19, Heyman was precise and to the point. “Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance.”

Watch Heyman’s interview on Raw:

Paul Heyman breaks his silence about Brock Lesnar: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018

But after Heyman’s interview aired on Raw, WWE posted a follow-up on its YouTube channel. At the very last moment, Heyman finished his thought on Reigns’ chances with the word “unless.” His voice trailed off, he politely thanked Young and left the set. Since that time, Paul has not spoken publicly on the matter, leaving fans to wonder what will happen at WWE’s summer spectacular.

A great number of fans feel that Heyman’s interview means he will soon have a new client. It’s an intriguing possibility that’s been talked about for three years and it’s never really went away. Fans seem to love the idea of Roman reigning over WWE with Paul Heyman by his side and more importantly, in his ear. It may be intriguing, but it’s also curious at best.

The same fans that want nothing more than to see Roman and Heyman work together also want nothing to to do with Roman as WWE’s top guy. It’s as if the WWE faithful are choosing between the lesser of two evils when it comes to The Big Dog. If Reigns has to be the guy, then he may as well have the best guy on the mic speaking for him. But is it really that simple?

Paul Heyman’s presence at SummerSlam will indeed be obvious, there’s just no question about it. He’s been an integral part of this storyline from day one and he will be on hand when Lesnar faces Reigns. But if Paul gives Roman an assist and ultimately the win, then he will surely get a pop from the Brooklyn crowd. It seems to defy logic but so does the crowd sending hate at Heyman for interjecting himself in the match. So does that mean Roman gets cheered by default?

Watch the unaired moment from Heyman’s interview: 

Unaired final moment of Paul Heyman's Raw interview: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 7, 2018

The fact is that Brock heeled out when he delivered the F-5 to Kurt Angle. The situation was only exacerbated when he put his hands on Heyman. When Brock turned on Paul, he seemed to pass the point of no return. With that being the case, what happens when Lesnar the antagonist loses to the most hated protagonist in the company due to a lovable character’s interference?

Is there any possibility that Heyman and Reigns would hear the boos after Brock loses? Not only is Lesnar a vicious heel, he also doesn’t care about WWE or its fans. WWE drives that point home now more frequently than ever before but no one can deny its effectiveness. WWE worked the fans. The fans bought in. It’s just that simple.

The point is that Roman Reigns isn’t going anywhere. The company wants him on top so that’s where he is. He puts the work in, he gives all of himself in the ring and no one can deny his drive to be among WWE’s best. Many fans may hate him. They may hate the idea of him. But that does not mean he’s going away. Roman Reigns is the alpha male of WWE. He’s already right where the company wants him to be. So does he even need Paul Heyman?

Heyman’s job in WWE has traditionally always been to endorse the new talents. When a Superstar becomes recognized as a Paul Heyman Guy, it’s like becoming a made man. He begins earning respect from the fans and immediately begins moving up. Every man that Heyman has spoken for, with the exception of CM Punk, truly needed his help. Paul has been very effective in the past and there’s no reason to believe he cannot do so again. 

Watch Lesnar’s WWE debut:

Brock Lesnar's WWE Debut

But Roman is not in a position where he needs someone to get him over the hump. Reigns is firmly established, that much is clear. So is all of the drama surrounding Heyman and Lesnar nothing more than a work?

What are the chances that Brock Lesnar will walk away from SummerSlam still wearing the WWE Universal Championship? It’s a scenario that seems insane by many standards. Just the idea of Lesnar perhaps wearing the title into the Octagon when he returns to the UFC is almost unimaginable. Vince McMahon would certainly love the mainstream attention that moment would garner. But could it actually happen?

The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that WWE wants Roman Reigns as the top babyface. It’s evident in Roman’s booking and it’s obvious every time he’s in the ring or on the mic. A heel Roman Reigns working with a wildly entertaining Paul Heyman would undoubtedly get over. But it would perhaps do nothing but sway the crowd more in Roman’s favor, which is not what many believe Roman needs in the first place. Despite how the company handles this situation, it’s clear that SummerSlam will indeed be a must-see event for everyone involved.


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