Here they come. Bill Apter recently caught up with the legendary Demolition to talk about New Day possibly breaking their record for longest Tag Team Title reign in WWE history. Ax and Smash are speaking in softer voices than usual but don’t seem to mind the idea of their record being broken.

New Day is less than two weeks away from breaking Demolition’s record. The mark has stood since 1989 with Demolition’s reign lasting 478 days. Until New Day, the longest reign of any kind since Demolition was Brian Kendrick and Paul London, who held the belts for 331 days in 2006-2007.


This is one of those records that seemed untouchable but it really does look like New Day has a good shot. They’re nine days away from the record and it’s cool that Demolition seems ok with it. You don’t hear much about Demolition so it’s cool to have such a great team get some attention like this after all these years.

Do you want New Day to break the record? If they do, when do you see them dropping the belts? Let us know in the comments below.


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