Triple H was interviewed by NBC Sports this week where he explained why he beat former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at the live event in India.

Triple H suggested that the victory was due to the fact that he was more over with the audience in India than Mahal.

“I often think it’s funny to me that people in America, who have never been to India, put their thoughts and their beliefs onto other people, ‘like clearly that’s the truth.’ (Laughs). It’s totally different there!” Triple H said. “The way they see things and react to things is very different. There are certain guys that once they reach a level there, it’s a whole different ballgame; Undertaker, [John] Cena. It’s just a different level of stardom.”

“When we were over there a few months ago having business meetings, to hear the people who are running television studios or Internet companies say to me ‘I watched you when I was a teenager. You were like the biggest guy in the world.’ I met a massive Bollywood star the other day who told me that I was his entire childhood. He got suspended from school for telling someone to ‘suck it.’ At a time in ’96 when there were like three channels there, we were on one of them all of the time.”

‘The Game’ explains that Mahal was over, but it was more about WWE understanding the market and going with the best decision based on that.

“It’s not to say Jinder wasn’t ‘over’ there. He was! You have to understand the market. It’s not like everyone just went, ‘Oh my God he’s Indian! He looks like us so we love him.’ They are a savvy market. They understand that he’s [playing] a bad guy [on television]. Even though he got a massive reaction, he still needs to earn their respect. He’s still growing and still new. You know what I mean?”

Triple H explained that this loss will not deter the ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ and he will emerge from the experience as a much bigger star.

“Just even being on this tour will help him. The reaction he got at the beginning of the night was much different than the reaction he got at the end of the night. It just grew. Their appreciation of him grew. It was all handled in the right way and done in the right manner. Over time he’s going to grow and become a cultural icon for them.”

Below we have included a video from their match in India if you are interested in seeing what Triple H had to say to the former WWE Champion in Mahal following their classic match.

Triple H, Jinder Mahal engage in a classic Supershow showdown

Who should have won the match in your opinion? Are you a fan of Mahal?

Triple H also discussed why the character of Elias wasn’t made for NXT and his thoughts on NXT Champion Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas.’

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