Former Impact Wrestling star Tyrus spoke with Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar on why he left the company so abruptly.

Tyrus first explains that Impact didn’t want him working for Jeff Jarrett and GFW back when it was a separate company:

“They didn’t want me working for Jeff. Basically, it came down to either stay with Impact or I could go with Global. I was making more with Impact, and Global didn’t have the resources to pay me what I was making.”

Tyrus continues to explain that Jarrett attempted to get Tyrus to come to GFW and then Jarrett himself showed up at Impact’s tapings not even a month later:

“He was basically saying it was better for me to come to Global, because Impact was about to fold. He was very adamant about that. Two weeks later, at the TV tapings, guess whose ass is there working the shows? Jeff Jarrett. I was like, ‘B—-, [are] you crazy?’ Who does that? Check it: If I would have quit and taken money out of my family’s mouths, went and worked there and then, ‘Oh, we’re going to have to go work Impact…’ How would that have gone?”

Finally, Tyrus explained that he knew he needed to leave as Jarrett was there:

“When Jeff Jarrett came along — because him and I have an uncomfortable history — I just wasn’t comfortable with the management. … Unless [Jarrett] and I were going to have a sit down – which just wasn’t going to happen – I knew this was not going to be a spot for me. I just wasn’t comfortable with it.”

If you would like to see Tyrus perform, we have included a match below. It is from an episode of Impact’s ‘Xplosion’ show where Tyrus takes on Mr. Anderson.

Xplosion Match: Tyrus Vs Mr. Anderson

What do you think on Tyrus’ experience? Would you rather hire Jarrett or Tyrus?

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