Matt Riddle is one of the brightest new stars on NXT TV.

Before ever becoming a wrestler, Riddle made a name for himself in MMA. Once he made the transition to wrestling, he was called a natural by many. His skills inside and outside the ring resulted in increased bookings for the Superstar, and that ultimately led to him being noticed by and signed to WWE to compete for NXT.

Given that Riddle has made a name for himself outside the wrestling world, he can attract a wider audience to the product. Riddle caught up with TMZ Sports at the airport to discuss all things NXT. In the process, Riddle revealed that he believes NXT can surpass the main roster.

When asked about the possibility of staying down in NXT and trying to make an alternative to RAW and SmackDown Live, Riddle had a very interesting answer:

“You know, funnily enough, I was thinking about it the other day and I want to get to the main roster but then I was thinking- well maybe I’m thinking about it wrong because NXT is so hot. Maybe we should stay and try to build NXT and make it bigger than RAW and SmackDown and just be like, the big guy. Which isn’t impossible, I don’t think.”

“I think the big thing is that Vince owns RAW, SmackDown. He owns everything. And those are his babies, he’s had them forever. So I think the probability of NXT taking over at that level is probably hard. But at the same time, I don’t see it too far from the future of us being on the same plane.”

Riddle was additionally asked who he would like to face from the main roster. He claimed Cesaro was originally his pick, but after speaking to 16-time World Champion John Cena, he thinks he’d like to fight him.

“You know, before I would say Cesaro because he’s so athletic and stuff like that. But after doing the Madison Square Garden [show] and having a chat with John Cena, I think I wanna fight John Cena. I mean, he might wanna wrestle, but I kinda wanna fight him. See where it goes.”

If you’d like to hear Riddle call the main roster a “watered down product” and talk about why NXT is more believable as a product, you can do so by watching the short video by TMZ Sports below.

WWE's Matt Riddle Thinks 'NXT' Can Eclipse 'Raw' and 'Smackdown'

If any of our quotes are used, please credit Wrestling Rumors for the transcription.

Editor’s Note:

I think Riddle has an incredibly bright future in NXT. I hope his comments don’t get him in any trouble, but I think he’ll be just fine. NXT is always improving and soon enough, it’ll be on the level of the main roster without needing to change the format.

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Do you agree or disagree with Riddle? Why?

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