News broke earlier today that Corey Graves is reportedly having an affair with SmackDown Live Superstar Carmella.

The wrestling world is in shock, as reactions continue to pour in, as expected, on social media. From Twitter to Instagram, Facebook to YouTube- there are reactions everywhere. Graves and Carmella are not in the good books for many fans right now.

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore took the opportunity to share a GIF on Twitter at Graves’ expense. Attached to the GIF was a quote from Graves referencing a sexual act towards Big Cass.

As fans will remember, Amore was aligned with Cass and Carmella during their days in NXT. For a period of time, Cass was also partnered up with Amore on the main roster until Cass’ heel turn.

The joke by Amore was not taken well on Twitter- given that Amore himself reportedly cheated on Riott Squad member Liv Morgan back when the two had been dating.

The hatred between Amore and Graves goes back to their days in WWE. Graves made it openly clear during a lot of programming and on social media that he wasn’t a fan of the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

See evidence of that in the clip below, as Graves and Amore discuss whether the latter had really been kicked off a WWE tour bus, as had been reported online:

Was Enzo Amore really kicked off a WWE tour bus? (WWE Network Exclusive)

While you’re at it, you may also want to take a look at the WWE Superstar Ink episode the two did together. This had a focus on Amore’s tattoos, with Graves serving as the host:

Which WWE Legend did Enzo Amore honor with a tattoo?: Superstar Ink

At this time, Graves and Carmella have yet to publicly respond to the comments made by Graves’ wife on her Instagram account. We are aware, however, that Graves knows the allegations have been made public. This can be proven from a screenshot Graves’ wife had included briefly on her Instagram story before she deleted it.

Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for further updates on this story, if they are made public.

Editor’s Note:

The brilliant thing about social media is that everyone has a platform to speak. Not everyone uses it wisely, though. I’ve seen so much hate on social media for Amore, Graves, Carmella and even Graves’ wife today.

Where do you stand on Amore’s comments? Were they too far?

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