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  • Another Match Set For Payback

    One more for the card. Payback is one of the most unique wrestling shows in WWE history as the company is trying to put the show together in less than...

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  • Why A Grudge Match Didn’t Take Place At Summerslam

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  • Here’s How WWE’s SmackDown Depth Chart Looks

    What’s on your list? There are a lot of people on every WWE roster and that can be a good or bad thing. With so much talent, you can see...

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  • Summerslam Plans For AJ Styles And The Intercontinental Title

    The plans they keep a coming. We are less than two weeks away from Extreme Rules but we are also about a month and a half away from Summerslam. The...

    NewsJuly 11, 2020
  • Backstage Details On Matt Riddle’s Debut Segment

    It was a team effort. There are a lot of stories taking place in WWE at the moment and some of them are involving names who are just making their...

    NewsJuly 11, 2020
  • WATCH: Matt Riddle Denies SpeakOut Allegations, Gives His Side

    The response. While it has calmed down a bit in recent weeks, the SpeakOut movement has become one of the biggest stories in recent years in professional wrestling. Dozens of...

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  • RUMOR: What Impressed Vince McMahon On SmackDown

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  • Here’s Who Will Challenge AJ Styles Next

    He’s on deck. There are a lot of big stars under the WWE umbrella but some of them are almost guaranteed to have a good outing no matter what they...

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  • WWE Knew Of Matt Riddle’s SpeakOut Allegations

    An important opinion. This week in wrestling has been dominated by the SpeakOut movement and that is a good thing. Something like this shows how the wrestling industry needs to...

    NewsJune 21, 2020
  • More Wrestlers Face SpeakOut Allegations, Some Respond

    The list keeps getting bigger. There is no easy way to spin the idea of the SpeakOut movement, which has rocked the wrestling world in a major way. Women (and...

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